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PM replied. Dragon’s Milk at time of pic was almost empty, it is now. 🍻

Is that a rear seat horsehair pad? If so I would be interested. J

There’s something for everyone, dig deep.  Second bottle so far, and I wholeheartedly agree! 🍻

Posted Images

Hopefully all PM’s replied too, phew. 
Boxing up parts tonight and tomorrow night. If you are ready to PayPal, here’s my: [email protected] F&F please. Send first + last name and full shipping address so I can calculate shipping. 
Thanks everyone for helping me thin this out! 

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On 7/19/2020 at 11:50 AM, iinca said:

I need a strut bearing cap too. mine are black...


also a tii AC pulley and lower pad on the steering column for my 73...dogs musta' chewed it

up..it's bad!

Strut caps gone. 
No Tii pulley. 
Lower pad, two left, lots of key wear. Maybe a smaller dog than yours got to them? 😃

Either is free is you pay shipping 



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4 hours ago, mvliotta said:


Do you still have the drivers front chrome bumper end (for a ‘72)?


Also looking for a set of the small vinyl covers that go over the attachment screws on the hanging vinyl interior (oh crap!) straps. I can get you a pic, if not clear



Hey Vince,

Driver side bumper end is available, haven’t heard back from a few interested parties. 
I do not have any loop strap screw covers.





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