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Not your typical Ford dealership listing (hint - $46k 2002)

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Not sure where my text went...here is what was snipped (Sunnyvale Ford listing): https://www.sunnyvaleford.com/used/BMW/1976-BMW-n/a-for-sale-Sunnyvale-b41031950a0d0cc768c9d3406fcd203d.htm?searchDepth=4:4


***WOW*** FULLY RESTORED and BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC BEEMA. In mint Concourse condition. ONLY 39494 miles. A fun Sunday drive car.
Over 30,000 worth of restoration from New AC to Custom wheels to Ergonomic Leather seats to New engine, suspension and much more. Detailed Restoration list is available upon Test drive.
Call 408-522-0234 for additional info.

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