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Reconditioning Service: Tii Injectors to 470-540 PSI

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Price: $150
Location: Vancouver, Canada



I have developed a process to bring the DLO-20D injector up to factory nozzle pressure specification.  Our Kugelfischer pumps deliver 500+ PSI.  Why shouldn't the injectors open in-sync with the pump, instead of early, because of low nozzle pressure?

Specs_BothKF and DLO_XSML.jpg


Two years ago a discussion was started regarding lapping the pintle and seat.  That makes sense as the seal would be well worn and pitted from 44+ years of use.   I took it a step further and created tools to make it easier to grind and polish the mating surfaces.  I'm using the finest jewelers polishes to grind and polish the pintle edge and seat to 50,000 Grit / 0-0.5 Micron diamond powder compound.


(Right click on video below and switch to "loop" mode for extended viewing)


I can't say enough about vapor honing.  While grinding and polishing of the pintle and seat does create a better seal,  vapor honing cleans the surfaces of the miniscule detritus embedded in the metal from years of exposure to contaminants and the atmosphere.




I can't qualify this statement but it feels like there is more surface tension under pressure, creating a higher opening pressure and a better spray pattern.  It's a tactile feeling I get during static tests.


(Right click on video below and switch to "loop" mode for extended viewing)


Success!  I've been running reconditioned (500 ±5%  PSI) injectors in my car for the last 5000 miles and so far I have noticed modest changes including quicker ignition, smoother idling, slightly less fuel consumption and friskier acceleration.  I also leaned-out my verboten screw by 1/8 turn,  while maintaining acceptable air/fuel levels.  I look forward to hearing about further experiences from other users.


I retired recently, but because I like to get my hands dirty and be creative, I've decided to keep myself busy by reconditioning the DLO-20D injectors and offering the service to owners of cars with Kugelfischer MFI.


Opening Inventory2.jpg


Each injector is completely dismantled,  inspected,  cleaned,  reconditioned,  tested and calibrated. A new seal is applied and the injector pieces are torqued to spec.  Finally, each injector is given a serial # and catalogued.   A lot of TLC is put into each injector.


Matched sets I'm creating

-  480 ±5% PSI (470 -490 PSI) Common plateau for maximum pressure output.

-  500 ±5% PSI (500 - 510 PSI) Common plateau for maximum pressure output.

-  520 ±5% PSI (520 - 530 PSI) Uncommon plateau.  Pump output questionable.

-  540 ±5% PSI (540 - 550 PSI) Rare plateau.  Pump output questionable.


I'm not positive that all Kugelfischer pumps are up to specification so I tend to have more trust in the 470-500 PSI injectors.  




Rebuild Service* - $150 each - $600 per matched set of 4

Matched Sets For Sale - $1200


Accepting Cores For Credit

Up to 6 rebuildable cores accepted with a value of $75.00 each*, to be applied as a credit toward a purchase or rebuild service.


* Not all cores are rebuildable.  I will confirm the condition upon receipt.


Product Warranty

The injectors have a one-year warranty from date of purchase, or rebuild service, with the exception of injectors used on non-street-legal  race cars.  Warranty for non-street-legal  race cars will be by agreement between both parties.   Injectors still under warranty will be repaired or replaced upon inspection.


Purchase Guarantee

If a purchaser is not satisfied with the product within 30 days of receipt, I will refund the purchase price upon return of the injector set, excluding shipping, taxes and duties.   Note:  There will be no refund if any paint seal is broken or if any injector in the set is damaged externally.



Cores or sets sent for rebuilding in USPS smallest flat rate box to my address is approx $30.00, USPS Priority Mail International.

Return shipping method will be discussed with customer and the cost added to the purchase or service invoice.


All payments by Paypal.


PM me to discuss your interest, and the details for shipping and delivery of injectors.


Thanks for reading.

Paul Winterton




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They’re back! Tested, cleaned, and ready to rock!


I’d like to tell you that I’m such as astute buyer of used injectors that my back-up set tested to full-spec. But that would be a lie.


My back-up set did, indeed, test at full spec, right out of the wrapper (470-480 psi), but that was sheer luck.


Paul cleaned them, tested them, removed some thread rust, replaced the seals and copper gaskets, filled them with “stuff” (Lucas Fuel Stabilizer and mineral spirits), and shipped them back.


Easy-peasey and not expensive! I hope more of you are as lucky... I mean, as astute injector buyers, as I! 😉


Thanks, Paul!


Best regards,





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I got my set from him...510 psi....I  installed them with my freshly rebuilt pump, cold start' and linkage... it feels like I have an extra 25 ponies!..the car will scratch the tires in 3rd (sic)..... and  the engine starts INSTANTLY..cold or warm


at $175 per injector after core charge refund it's a pretty damn good deal...

compared to not finding that kind of PSI anywhere on the planet. I used to only dream about having factory psi injectors


I've never felt this 'astute' in my life tbh'....

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On 10/4/2020 at 7:38 PM, 442stang said:

Cool service ?  What is price if you send matched injectors for test and update ?  Do you check spray pattern ?


Thank you.


I charge $150 to recondition each injector.  I restore all components to near new condition and I check all functions with the aim of achieving ±500 psi with a 2% variation between the 4 injectors.


Having said that, if my initial test shows the injectors opening at 470 psi or above I will only ultrasonically clean the full unit and refit an internal seal before returning to you at $75.00 each.  I will not dismantle perfectly functioning injectors.  I am amazed to find 45 year old injectors that still are within specification.


Usually I find that even though injectors are functioning, they have corrosion inside from periods of inactivity where fuel evaporates and is replaced with moisture.  The only way to completely remove the corrosion is to dismantle the pintle cartridge and thoroughly clean and recondition the components. 


The video (set to loop for extended viewing) of the static test in my initial offering shows the optimum spray pattern and extended particle life. 


I hope that answers your questions.





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Hi Paul;

I have a set of 4 KF injectors that have been tested in the past. Three of them have opening pressure around 700psi w/ good spray pattern, and one was said to be bad. Can you help with these to bring them back to 500psi range? I also have some spare  pintle assemblies and pintle washers of several thicknesses. All parts have been cleaned in the past using ultra sound. When I opened the injectors I found that the pintle washers were pretty thick. I don't know if they were added on purpose so they open at a higher psi or not. Injector bodies are in excellent and clean shape. Please let me know.

email: bluedevilsaudio at gmail dot com.















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