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tii fuel injection wiring repair kits

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Price: $75
Location: Port Moody, BC, Canada

I have made up 2 different kits for repairing the cold start wiring for the tii     These are for both the cold start valve and the temp sending unit     Each one has the correct rubber boot, 2 electrical connectors, 1 plastic housing and the black plastic tubing for the wiring      The cold start kit is $37.50 Shipped     The temp sending unit kit is $47.50 Shipped    If you want both  then I can do $75.00 for both shipped       The temp sending has the correct 2 eared boot ( very hard to find )      I have enough right now to do 4 cold start kits and 2 temp sensor kits   I will order more pieces to put the kits together if I can get a commitm       ent from people on these                                                                                 ONLY selling full kits    2 KITS LEFT       1 ONLY LEFT NOW      I won't have any more of these for at least 2 months                                                                                                                     ALL SOLD NOW     Thanks to all that purchased a kit        I will have some more in about 2 months   Thanks, Rick

Tims  interior 05222020 013.JPG

Tims  interior 05222020 015.JPG

Tims  interior 05222020 016.JPG

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Hi guys


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, had some home issues to deal with and then got really busy in my shop.

I only have enough for 2 complete kits ( both sets as a pair ) so I can sell those to the first fellows that asked about them    That would be 

Mike A and JsnPpp , going by the time they asked for them       I will need at least 10 more commitments before I order more boots    They take about 3 weeks to get to me    Please PM me  


For Mike A and JsnPpp   my paypal address is  [email protected]      $75.00 ( US ) for the pair of kits which includes shipping but no tracking numbers   That would be an additional 10.00 ( thank you Canada Post )


Thanks, Rick

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Hi to all


Sorry for the delay, I have been dealing with some health issues ( no covid-19, thank god )    I have ordered enough to build 12 kits   I have enough right now to build one more kit so I will go thru the list and the second person that inquired about them, I can sell that one to them      I will work out the list and post it up here

Parts will take about 3 weeks to get here   Will let everyone know


Thanks, Rick

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