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Looks great even just on the desk! I think the horns look just fine. Unless cracked I wouldn't change 'em.


(You do need proper fuel lines however πŸ™‚ those look like Tii)


Thanks for sharing! What car will it go in?



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Lines are TII, you're right, just for closin pump and injectors. Horns aren't cracked, but i can get new ones. It could be fitted on my TII, but i keep the car original. It's for my display...πŸ˜†


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Ping LarsAlpina. I was able to purchase a new set of trumpets back in late 2018. 

He may also still have the rubber 'gummis' if you have the Alpina airbox. 

Mine had a nice patina and no cracks but after the rebuild/plating (and new injector lines from Carl Nelson) i wanted a complete refresh. 


Cheers and good luck. 



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You are very fortunate!


I just happen to offer a free storage and display service for very special pieces of automotive hardware. And, this just might qualify! Allow me to confirm that.


I, too, appreciate originality, but am willing to store your A4S system on my '73 tii -- where viewers can appreciate this beautifully-crafted instrument in context! We'll apply an underhood display label that identifies the A4S system, explains its place in automotive history, and recognizes your loan of the system to my personal car...uh... I mean, museum.


And, recognizing that fine machinery must be used, your system will receive the exercise it needs and deserves. If the full range of throttle movement is not regularly used, the unit might atrophy. We have a clear plan in place to avoid that. All in all, it's a win-win-win!


And, don't worry, we'll deal with the shipping and insurance! πŸ˜‹


Here's a photo of its new home. That stock intake will be in storage by this weekend...


Best regards,








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7 minutes ago, Conserv said:

I just happen to offer a free storage and display service for very special pieces of automotive hardware. And, this just might qualify!

Steve, you're just too kind!  A veritable shelter for lost souls--who happen to be A4...



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Interesting concept.  To each his (or her own), I would choose to use.  Life is short, that lesson is learned most recently by many unfortunately.  I would lose the blue though.....I could break down about 90% of my Gr 2 car and turn it into a display, parts that few have seen before. A4 systems are lots a fun, Alpina got it right.πŸ‘


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Wow, that looks nice, Schnitzer with A4 set... It's nice that someone offered to put it on his car for display, but then you need to cut the hood open then πŸ˜


I tried to buy the the remakes, but Some company didn't like that the remakes had Alpina on it, i was 2 month too late....

Due to a funny remake on facebook, i got a message if i wanted to buy the throttle bodies. When he disassembled it, i saw he had the Kufi with it, only shite he couldn'd find the correct camshaft. Had to drive to KΓΆln, but worth the trip though.

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