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NO LONGER WTB BEHR Parts for AC System

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I need to start collecting some parts for the BEHR A/C system for my 1969.  If you have any parts or a complete system please let me know.  Specifically need the following:


1.  Behr evaporator/blower

2.  The console components that enclose the evaporator

3.  The wiring harness

4.  Both switches.


(All the pieces that that go inside the passenger compartment)


(gee I wonder who gave me this information!!  hahaha)

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If, like most owners installing A/C at this time, you plan to use new components for the compressor, compressor mount, receiver/dryer, condenser, auxiliary fan, and hoses, what you actually need through a WTB ad is (a.) the Behr evaporator/blower, (b.) the console components that enclose the evaporator, (c.) the wiring harness, and (d.) both switches. In brief, you need the stuff that goes inside the passenger compartment.


If you don’t already own, and have not yet read Rob Siegel’s Just Needs a Recharge, I’d highly recommend you buy it now and read it. It distills years of experience — some of which is in the forum but scattered throughout dozens of different threads — into an inexpensive book focused on... installing A/C in an ‘02.








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Ok, so......a small setback (actually, quite large)...my block/car is so early I have zero mounting mounts for the compressor on the block.  I do not have the three available threaded holes on my block where all the compressor bracket(s) would fit so like the later cars - AC in the ol' 69' will not happen.  I can send a lot of time and money and fabricate a system of wheels and pulley's OR just enjoy the drive!  hot....but still enjoy!


Thank you for everyones help...I  should have looked at this sooner but honestly.,..did not know.  I found out when I was shopping for which compressor mount to get and when I went under my car and noticed there will be no mount!  as there are NO holes!  hahaha.  Thanks again everyone. 

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