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How about old pics of your 02s or other classic BMWs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or from a decade ago ?

Often they are tucked away somewhere like the back of your drawer or the family album.

I'm looking around for mine.



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Since folks are posting really old pictures of themselves, I guess I'll embarrass myself too!    The first picture is Wolfgang and me, take in January 2018 just before Wolfgang went off to t

HI guys! I need a corona break and "stopped by" and I'm glad to see FAQ is alive and well :-)   Just happens that I have a few fun pics for you.... slides actually if anyone remembers them.

Our  74 Tii at Heavenly Valley  South Lake Tahoe in maybe 1977 A fabulous car , chock full of great memories.  Drove this car everywhere for 7 years and sold it for more money than we paid f

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pic 1>  Another Chamonix 02 I bought for $1500 in Maui circa '95


pic 2>  taken on the Stanford University campus circa 78. I was 16

and on Saturdays everyone would go to Lake Lagunita on the campus



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Well, I'm fond of Chamonix as well. It was my first 02, a 68 1600, which I bought for $500 in the early 80s and drove it home. I'm pictured here with my car in 86 on Mulholland Dr in LA after a fresh respray, still hadn't installed the belt-line trim and bumpers. I Purchased my 2nd 02, a 69, 1600 for $900 in 1990 and drove it home as well. I'm pictured in the 2nd photo next to it off Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. My friends's 74 Alfa GTV can be seen in the background.

68 1600.jpg


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Here are a couple of pictures of my '69--one taken the day after I bought it (note the NY dealer plate on it) and the other taken last fall in Ohio (note the license plate)




And here's one of my '73 autocrossing at BMW CCA Ofest around 2007 in Ft Worth.  






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HI guys! I need a corona break and "stopped by" and I'm glad to see FAQ is alive and well :-)


Just happens that I have a few fun pics for you.... slides actually if anyone remembers them.


1980 cross country trip in my tii (sold on BAT).  Pulled to the side of Interstate 70 for a Kodak moment with my GF.

tii highway.jpg


But officer my little orange car could not possibly go that fast...

tii KS trooper.jpg


and on a back road outside Jackson Wyoming I was blasting along, my Escort radar detector gave me no warning, I slammed on the breaks too late after spotting the cop and figured I was really in big trouble.  Turned out the cop car was on cement blocks and the lights were coffee cans painted red......

tii coffe cans.jpg

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Huge Bumpers of a late 70s Volvo pushed me into the car in front.  Repaired and daily driver in late 70s, early 80s.




Photos have really faded, actually I thinks that's how they looked in 1978.  Pretty washed out, oh, forgot it was Sahara24031767-F9A0-44A2-B591-2DE46BDB11EB.jpeg





This Chamonix was lost in Katrina, you can see the water marks on the freshly rebuilt speedo.  All that's left now are a couple rust spots on the drive where she drained.  The rust has been there almost 15 years.  Says something about the rust they used back then.





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Added some additional photographs
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Ok, I'll play.


I still have the green car.


I still have the Pro3 car.


The white one turned into parts- it was a mess.  Conduit and waterpipe cage.

If I had had infinite time and resources, it would have been a GT3 candidate.

The roof was ok.


Mike bought the blue car.


I met Beth Orton once.










Nascar 4.jpg




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On 5/20/2020 at 11:25 AM, iinca said:

I've tried a couple times to sleep in the back seat of an 02...Impossible unless your like 5'1"

I am (was) 6'1", when you're 22 years old and stoned you can sleep just about anywhere.

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