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Sold 71 for sale Redmond (seattle)

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Price: $4500
Location: Redmond Washington


Hello all 

Sad to post my 1971 bmw 2002 for sale. I have had the car about 5 years or so an have never had the time to work on it. Having just had a second baby I either have to sell it or buy a shipping container (time capsule) and wait for retirement (along ways away)  


I'll try and by best to get you any photos or answer any questions I can if your reach out car is currently in my garage (and has been the entire time I have owned it) 


First thing is first I do not have the title. The back story was the second owner was a lady who worked for the bmw dealer back in the day (the accountant) she bought the car from the dealer after it was traded in and had it painted blue (was originally the burgundy) She drove the car for many years until she parked it and it sat. She passed away and the family was never able to locate the title before selling the to a guy in the neighborhood (which I bought it from) I have a letter from him from when he sold the car to me. The car also still have the front and rear license plates with the tags that say 1993. I was told this helps when getting a title for it as they have something more sustainable to look up ( dunno if that's true or not)

The car is also matching engine to body to dash number so that should help a bit too. 


The car is missing its passenger front fender as it was removed to inspect rust and repair but was lost in transit when moving homes. The rest of the parts are there. I have the euro front and rear bumpers, stock original hub caps, the wood trunk floor ect... 


The car has newer calipers, lines, and I installed a newly rebuilt booster and master. The car also has a new drive shaft. 

The car does have rust but nothing structural and I can work with those interested to get good pictures of the areas. The engine if very clean and it was running when parked about 3 years ago but has not been started since (think "barn find")


I am asking $4500 as I do not have the title and frankly don't have the time to get one (clearly its been 5 years already)  I had genuinely hoped to make this my little commuter car back before I had kids but these day its just never going to happen sadly. 
















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I have done the non title before on an old model a ford and it really isn't that difficult at all but it does take some time. Having a car that is matching serial numbers and with the previous license plate ensures the inspection can rule out any doubt of a stolen or shady car. It does require the car be brought to an inspection station to be looked over (again something I have not had time to do) 

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