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Updating an early 68 1600 pedal box & brake

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In a hurry of just wanting to get rid of that remote servo brake system, I tore apart the pedal box/brake system. Plan is to go with the 320i master cylinder, keep the mechanical clutch. Can I use any of the later pedal boxes or has to be the specific one for the mechanical clutch? Is there anything else I should be on the look out for? I'm touching this car after 10 years just sitting, I'm hoping to start it before going back to work.


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Yes, there is a specific pedal box you need if you want to retain the mechanical clutch, but with the newer style booster.

The pedal box you need is from the post 68 1600 (1969-76). This pedal box is set up for the mechanical clutch and the newer style brake booster. This is the only pedal box that will work for you. You are upgrading your early 1600 pedal box to the later style 1600 pedal box. The 320i brake master is a perfect choice. I have one on one of my 1969 1600 with single circuit brakes.

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Is this for the car in your avatar? doubt there's room for the later set-up with an s38 in there! Actually it can't be, you wouldn't still have a mechanical clutch, although that would be brilliant.


Alternative is to run boosterless, I prefer it anyway.

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