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Book: BMW Profiles The BMW 02 Series The Cult Car

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BMW Profiles The BMW 02 Series The Cult Car

Certainly no one would yet venture to call the models of the BMW 02 series vintage cars.  It will not be disputed, however, that they have earned a distinction as "classics" in more recent automobile history. Even today, a BMW 1602, 2002 or 1502 can occasionally be spotted on the roads.  These cars, the newest at least twenty years old, are sometimes still driven by their original owners, but the majority are carefully maintained by ardent fans of this unique series.  Its models have gained cult status amongst enthusiasts, awakening emotions and memories, and symbolizing a very special attitude to cars.

The BMW 328 or 507 may have imparted a sense of myth to the BMW brand, but these dream cars always remained within reach of only a few.  BMW was able to gain more widespread popularity with the 02 Series, when the fascination of BMW became a tangible experience for many more drivers.  At the time, the models of this series represented an entirely new departure in cars designed to integrate compact size, visual appeal and dynamism - attributes which have lost none of their relevance to cars built today.

Each edition of BMW Profiles aims to give you, as an admirer of historical BMW vehicles, the opportunity to look more closely at the roles they have each played in their respective day and age.

Editions of BMW Profiles appear at irregular intervals, each focusing on a specific topic relating to the history of the company and its products.  A vivid portrayal of the BMW vehicles presented, in relation to their historical context, emerges through the reproduction of original documentation, such as drawings, photographs, press releases and reviews, advertisements, sales catalogues and posters.  At that same time, it becomes clear how BMW has developed over the years into the brand personality that it is today.

We hope you will find this edition informative, entertaining and exciting.


BMW Mobile Tradition [1998]


Published editions:

 Profiles 1: BMW motorcycles from Munich - 1923-1969

 Profiles 2: BMW 501/502 - Aufbruch in Wirtschaftswunder (in German only)

 Profiles 3: The BMW 02 Series - The cult car

 Profiles 4: BMW motorcycles from Berlin - 1969-1997

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    BMW Mobile Tradition
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    BMW Mobile Tradition
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Ha!  There are no numbers (ISBN, ASIN, or ESPN) on this book anywhere, Steve, I looked. The only number found inside is the BMW part no. 01 09 0 035 276.


Adding that ASIN must’ve mangled the book title. It’s “The cult car” not “The Cult Car” - as clearly seen on the cover. I know I entered it right myself... ;)

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