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FAQ New Feature: Books

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I just added a new feature to the FAQ. We now have a listing for all books related to our little obsessions 



I have added several books already, but you guys are free to add more. There are several sections, so place them where you think they are appropriate. Scan to see if the book already exist. I will add that verification in the near future.


To add a book, add ISDN in the first field. That should auto-populate a most fo the data. Occasionally,  the API we use does not have your book, so you will need to do the manual entry, including the book cover. 


Reviews:  If you have read the book, give a review. This will help people decide if they should get it.


Bookshelf: All books in the library can be added to individual's Bookshelves. Lets you to keep track of what you have and gives people an idea of what others are reading.



Steve K.


p.s. a few other things are in the pipeline.

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Hi Steve. Cool new feature!


I tried to add a book, but when it prompts me for category - the 3 categories at the top that you created are all greyed out... so I can’t put a new book in the 02 categories, only the ‘general’ ones...



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I am struggling a bit.  Directions should say create a Bookshelf first?  Once created I added a book, but there is no Edit feature?  I added words in Description that don’t need to be there. (Found edit button in bookshelf)


I tried to add a second book and no drop down appeared, asks for book title Which I added and then it disappears. (Going back to books helps)


Why is it notifying everyone I added a book?

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No need to create bookshelf to add books to the database.  Once the book is in the database, you can add it to your bookshelf. 

Adding books to the database happens from the database or categories in the database, not the shelf.


The notification is to inform people that a new item was added to the database. A reminder what is there. Same thing happens with Articles Database.


The database will try to populate the fields, but not always possible.


Thanks for adding things!



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