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Hazard Switch and Turning Signals

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My 2002 has hit the point in its life where it's time to put a toothpick in the hazard switch. It looks like it seems to be a common issue that's fairly easy to resolve. I'm curious if it is common for this problem to result in the turn signals not working anymore. It seems as though the turn signals stopped working around the same time the hazard switch decided to have a mind of its own. Hoping this isn't going to be a separate issue on it's own. The hazard switch seems to control many things throughout the car so I'm curious if the signals would be one of those. 




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Both turn signals and the emergency flashers use the same flasher relay and it all goes through the emergency flasher switch.  So if it gets wonky, it'll affect the turn signals.  


I did a column last fall on dismantling, troubeshooting and repair those pushbutton emergency flasher switches; PM me if you'd like a copy. Or if you're a CCA member, check the July 2019 Roundel issue.




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