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'72 2002 Help With Pricing - Seattle Area


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Price: $3000
Location: North of Seattle


Hi everyone.


Thoughts on valuation with or without title? 3000 was a thought with no title, but could use the money to start a family if people thought more was on table.


Brakes will be gone through including soft lines. Car will run and drive for sale.


VIN: 2582666


Car completely restored in the 80's. BMW crate motor installed in early 2000s.


Newer parts:







Fuel pump/filter/lines

Brake master/booster/lines


Front/Rear Brakes (not shown)

Sumitomo Tires on OE steel wheels/hubcaps


Fun parts:


Weber 32/36

Ireland strut plates

Shortened struts/A1 Billys/Ground force coilovers (250lb)

Extra set of BBS Mahle 13x6


LINK TO ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/V8uX2JK






Car is located in unincorporated Edmonds, WA

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1972 BMW 2002 - 2582666

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Probably more but covid makes it a little more tricky. I paid more than that for a surface rusty, running but not driveable Wallace, which looks like hell but runs great, now. Difference is that I have no structural rust (that I know of...), but I also didn’t have any of the go-fast fun bits or the provenance. 

Spend the time to get the title, if timing isn’t a problem. 

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. When the title is found I will be asking $8k or next best reasonable offer. That being said, no offer will be ignored, lowball or not.


Here is the backstory of the car, where we're at now, at what I plan to do with the funds.




This is my deceased best friend's father's car (this is relevant later)

Car purchased by original owner (father) locally in '73 after landing new job

Car sold to me by original owner in 2009; owned until 2011; all of my post history on this site is documenting my time with the car then. There is additional posts on VWVortex showing me care for and enjoy the car there as well. I've been a member on VWVortex for almost 12 years now and believe have a reputable standing with the community.

Car sold back to original owner's son, who drove it until 2014

Car sat until my friends passing in 2017

I purchased car back from original owner (family) about 6 months later

I've owned the car since. It has been in WA state it's whole life. It has been passed between the father, son, and myself.


Where We're At:


I have been in contact with and mailed the required forms to be signed and returned for new title

Once received, I will process the change at the DMV. This will take weeks.

Wrench mechanic has come and freed up stuck wheels and has noted engine is cranking

Mechanic will return to finish complete brake refresh as needed, and get car running properly again. It ran when parked and I don't have time to diagnose with current workload. The OP lists the tune-up parts done. I'm convinced it won't take much.

Video of cold start and running can be provided once work is complete

Tires are Federal Super Steels not Sumitomo like noted (sorry). They are now mounted and balanced on OE steel wheels. Wheels and hub caps will be mounted once Wrench is done. The 13" BBS Mahle will be given to the buyer free of charge.


What I Plan to Do:


After my friend past, another shared friend was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that took his life within 6 months. These two friends lived 1.5 blocks from each other and grew up together. The cancer victim had a young son who is now left without a father. I plan to donate a portion of the funds from sale to the cancer victims son, in my friend's name as a tribute to their friendship and to leave a bit of a nest egg for the boy. We're all in this together and I feel this is the right thing to do with some of the profits.


You're welcome to share your opinions on the matter - It's the internet afterall - But I will remain 100% transparent. I've tried to show the car at it's worst, and now I've laid out my intentions with its sale. Low ball all you want. I won't take offense to it, and will be taking the highest offer. I've recieved 6 or 7 offers so far. I'm sure that number will now decrease drastically.


Thanks for reading y'all. I understand if this is no longer your cup of tea.



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1972 BMW 2002 - 2582666

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Hey fellow Vortex member!  I'm interested but not sure how this would work logistically in the era of Covid.  I've picked up several cars from Seattle/WA (my 911 two years ago and my Saab 5 years ago), but things are not as easy these days.  I bet you'll find a local buyer before I'm able to figure out the logistics.

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