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The correct offset for a 2000 nk

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Best Rotary Laser Level for Deck Building: DEWALT DW079LR & DEWALT DW079LG

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, it is essential to accomplish projects with perfect leveling outcomes. However, using a traditional laser level or bubble level will make it difficult for you and your colleagues to work in different areas simultaneously. At this stage, a rotary laser level can help you with a 360-degree layout. Therefore, you will not have to move your tool for each tracking layout while working on complex natured projects. Hence, it provides additional guidelines without using any other device.

This article includes reviews of the best-rated rotary laser level for deck building, DIY projects, gardening, tiling, and many more.

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How Do We Select The Best Rotary Laser Levels? 


To make the selection easier for our valued readers, we offer the best tools after combing through so many models available on the market. Our experts pick the top-rated options, sort through technical specifications, read thousands of customer reviews, and narrow down the options that stand out from all choices. Therefore, you can rely on us for an ideal tool. Unlike other websites, we do not promote products or try to mislead our visitors with gimmick tricks.

You will find here real information about products because we included everything after reading the feedback. We ensure that you can enhance your working performance after purchasing our selected the best budget rotary laser level. Without any further ado, check our reviews to make a confident decision in real-time instead of wasting time on other platforms.  

DEWALT DW079LR Rotary Laser Level- Best Model for DIYers


Dewalt is a well-known brand for producing versatile products. The contractors and engineers of the world love its construction laser level because of the most accurate and efficient outcomes. However, this reputation comes at a little bit high price compared to other ordinary choices available on the market. It has an ergonomic design for conveniently handling and maneuverability. You will find it a perfect device for various horizontal or vertical leveling applications.

Why Did We Choose DEWALT DW079LR? 

The following features forced us to put DEWALT DW079LR at the top position of our list.

Compact and Durable Design: 

We liked to review DEWALT DW079LR because of its combined versatility and convenience. If you are looking for a durable and compact model, consider it the best laser level for construction. Furthermore, the manufacturer ensures that this unit can bear drops from up to two meters.

IP67 Rating and Accurate Outcomes:

The IP67 rating means you can use it without getting worried about damages due to dust and splashes of water. Once set on a tripod or any surface, it can self-level within five degrees. As far as the accuracy rate is the matter, it beats the crowd with 1/16 inch precision at 100 feet.

Visibility Range and Rotation Speeds:

This rotary laser level comes with a receiver, which extends its range up to 2,000 feet. However, you can also use it without a receiver for various indoor applications. Its indoor visibility range is 200 feet without using the receiver. One of the most dominant advantages of this device is its multiple rotation speeds, including 150, 300, 600, and 1200 RPM.


The following features make it the best rotary laser level for DIYers. 

  • Perfect for various horizontal and vertical applications
  • Self-leveling within five degrees
  • Includes Class III Laser
  • 1/16-inch accuracy at 100-foot
  • 150, 300, 600, and 1200 RPM
  • 2000 feet operating range with the detector, 200 feet without the detector
  • IP67 rating and two meters drop tested
  • 15, 45, and 90 degrees scan modes

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What Do Buyers Say About It? 

According to rotary laser level reviews, the low rpm is suitable for indoor projects. However, they also mentioned that its visibility range in bright light is closer to 100 feet. Buyers like the 3-year warranty that ensures durability and long-lasting performance of this model. Unlike other devices, it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. One can also buy spare batteries for completing long projects and by avoiding the hassle of repeatedly recharge.

DEWALT DW079LG Rotary Laser Level- Best Model for Professionals


The DEWALT DW079LG Rotary Laser Level is the same as the DW079LR; the difference is a green laser instead of the red beam. Like other green laser levels, this model is also expensive than the above option. Therefore, we recommend it for seasoned and professional users. Being a DIY homeowner, you can buy this model to work in bright light areas with higher precision outcomes. This laser leveling equipment will enable you to complete various indoor and outdoor applications, including tiling, gardening, installing cabinets, hanging pictures, and many more.

Why Did We Choose It For Professionals? 

Contractors, surveyors, and engineers love to use green laser levels that help them in various interior or exterior projects. On the other hand, DIYers or weekend warriors solely work at their homes. Hence, they can use red rotary laser levels with less range. Professionals mostly work outdoors and in bright sunlight, so green models suit them more than the red ones.


Besides the laser color difference, it has the same features as the above tool.

  • Suitable Applications: all horizontal and vertical projects
  • Self-Leveling: Up to five degrees
  • Laser: Green Class III
  • Accuracy: 1/16-inch at 100 feet
  • Rotation Speed: 150, 300, 600, 1200 RPM
  • Operating Range: 1200 feet with the detector, 250 feet without a detector
  • Scan Mode: 15, 45, 90 degrees
  • IP Rating: IP67

What Are Buyers Saying About It? 

According to buyer reviews, this rotary laser level provides high visibility from 50-250 feet at 150 RPM. However, it may reduce when working in bright light. It offers 1/16 inch accuracy at 100 feet and the long visibility range of laser beams up to 2,000 feet. They mentioned that the dual-axis slope and scan modes make their tasks easier than other ordinary choices available on the market. IP67 rating ensures that it can withstand harsh conditions with ease. Moreover, a durable and ergonomic design makes it the best laser level for landscaping.

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Final Thoughts: 

After reading these reviews, you are at the stage to make the right decision. Pick the first model for household projects, or buy the second one to achieve perfect leveling layouts at construction worksites.

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Back space 110mm


Back space 105mm


Back space 120mm


And just because they’re on my NK (and confirms why I had to seriously roll the rear arches)

Campagnolo Elecktron
14x7 originally designed for an e9
Back space 115mm

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6 hours ago, dfeigen said:

Mojojoy's wheels are the same dimensions as the TISA wheels!


I'm running Rota RBs, 15x7 ET19 on my 1800 with no issues.

Here's some pics so you can see how they fit!




Vinyl roof looks great against the red. Frazer Nash tribute?

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  • Alpina
2 minutes ago, dfeigen said:

Daniel, your car looks so tough!

I just looked at my post again and realized I put the wheel size as 15x7 ET19 and it's actually 15x7 ET25... 

Did this string help Chantelle Whittaker?

Ain’t though, it smiles all the time! 


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