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Koogleworks AC console - original side pieces needed?


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Hello everyone - 


I know that the right answer is to ask Forrest at koogleworks, but I haven't heard back and if I need the original console side pieces, I have a line on a well priced set. 


So, with the koogleworks AC console and shift surround for a Clardy AC setup, do you end up having to trim down a set of the console side panels like I understand was done when the original kits were installed? 

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OK, I knew the sides of the Clardy AC system that jut into the passenger foot well on the one side as well as the driver side were required. If I understand right, with the original install of a Clardy AC system the long pieces of the console that extend alongside the shift surround are trimmed to just cover the shifter surround. Do I have that right? My question is if the koogleworks shift surround uses the trimmed side pieces of the console sides (assuming I've understood how it was done originally). 

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Koboldtopf - '67 1600-2

Einhorn - '74 tii

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Too clarify:

with Kooglewerks you do NOT use any of your original console, in the standard Clardy install you butcher the console for 4” of parts 

I sold my Long Console to offset my Clardy/ICE install 




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14 hours ago, chargin said:

... in the standard Clardy install you butcher the console for 4” of parts...





I take issue with this statement! You butcher both sides of the original console for 6” of parts... ???


For those not familiar with this odd Clardy practice, you took both sides of a (at least in 1975-76) brand spanking new console, and you cut off the small rear “tails” of each side. Those tails were then encapsulated in cheap hard plastic skirts. And you then discarded 94% of your new console sides, rendered worthless because you cut off the tails.

Below, viewed from underneath, you can see these two small remnants of my ‘76’s console sides in their plastic shells. Don’t worry: I’ve tidied this mess up by now! ?






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