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Sold Eric Kerman Stage 2 Engine

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Price: $6000
Location: Glen Cove NY 11542




Let me preface this posting with I am selling this for my close friend, Eric Kerman,

Up for sale is a freshly built Stage 2 motor built by Eric Kerman of New York. Some fellow FAQ'ers may know him but for those who do not, he is a long time (Since 1982) professional engine builder who specializes in high performance/race BMW M10 engines. I have known Eric for 30 years; he has built 3 engines for me for multiple cars as well as 4 for my fathers race and street cars. He has informed me is retiring and this is the last engine he will be building.


Here are the specs:


  • Head  ported to  flow bench  proven  configurationUsually  about  plus 18% compared to  stock 
  • New  genuine Schrick  292 cam  and  Schrick  single  springs
  • Standard   crank. 
  • Crank and  rods magnafluxed
  • Rods and  pistons  balanced to  under a  gram.
  • + .5 mm  bore  Mahle pistons which were removed from a another project. They were low mile use, almost new - skirt taper measures .0012 with no scuffing.
  • Main and  rod  bearings - Calico  coated.
  • All the  normal  parts  replaced including needle bearing pilot  bearing
  • Block  boiled
  • Head pressure checked to  50  PSIG  with  water  fill.
  • Compression 9.7:1 , CC'd to calculate 
  • $75 additional charge for crating if needed.


This is the information he gave me for the sale. Please PM with questions. If I can answer them I will be happy to but if not I can put you directly in contact with the builder. 







20200301_100309 (1).jpg

20200301_100437 (1).jpg

20200301_101832 (2).jpg


20200301_105242 (1).jpg

20200301_110330 (2).jpg

20200301_113613 (1).jpg


20200301_120155 (1).jpg

20200301_120155 (1)_1.jpg

20200301_122508 (1).jpg


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Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while.. Eric Kerman.  I see this motor didn't last long and someone got a nice deal.  I have an Eric Kerman massaged head on my E32, what a difference it made.


Good luck to Eric in retirement!



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I got the second to last one....


A Maestro.  A wonderful resource and a font of information and experience. I've had the benefit of his work several times over the years, on British and other German cars. 


Thank you Eric. You will be missed.

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