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Hi All, 
I am looking at Fiberglass dashes for an historic race car. I am leaning towards the CSL dash from Ireland, I have seen the Gruppe 2 dash too with the console. Any others I should look at? Does anyone make a copy of stock early dash? 





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Perfect timing for this post.  I have been deliberating this myself for a while.  I can't go with the Ireland CLS 'style' dash.  I have looked at the Gr. 2 Dash/Console, I don't believe my car had one, but it could have.  They homologated it in I think 1975 for the 2002, so it was legal to use (and could have been used, I don't have any pics of the interior of my car from 1975 so I can't say for sure).  Making a mold off of an OE dash and making a fiberglass copy is an interesting idea really.  I have a pretty decent euro 1 piece dash I could probably make a mold of.  It would likely need to be a two piece mold (I think?).  A pic of the GS Tuning Gr. 2 sans GRP dashboard.

GS Tuning Gr 2 Dash board.jpg

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1 hour ago, Anthony said:

I don't believe there is a "period correct" dash per say. In B Sedan and then Trans Am my car had a stock dash, then later on it had a "custom" metal dash. 


I'm doing a stock, re-covered dash on the latest race car build (okay, so the gauges are more modern...). -KB



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