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Sold 1971 2002 race car roller

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Price: $1600
Location: Atglen Pennsylvania


*located in Atglen Pennsylvania* Okay folks, it hurts to do this but I need to focus on one project at a time and I’m in over my head on this one so it’s time to let it go. Before I get started, I want to be clear this is a ROLLING SHELL and will not be coming with the harnesses, roll bar, or momo in the photos. I’m sure I can include them for a bit extra as well as the aluminum fixed back seats that were in it If the buyer wishes. I wanted to list it in here before posting it out on the rest of the internet because I’d really like another 02 enthusiast to have the first chance. About two years ago, I bought this in Littlestown Pennsylvania from a gentleman named Matt Sudlak who used to work for Maximilian Imports back in the day, this belonged to his father and it was a frequent competitor at the Pagoda Hillclimb, and scca events in the area in 2001 and around those years so some of you might even have seen this car before. Prior to me buying it roughly 2 years ago it had been sitting in his fathers barn for about 7 years, even with a little fresh fuel fired right up (that engine and transmission are no longer in the car). The hood and trunk both have rust. The gas tank is fairly recently replaced, and the front shock towers are solid. The floors surprisingly seem intact, the rockers are both fully rusted and there were replacements screwed over top of them. The front fenders appear to have some rust bubbles in them, the nose panel has holes in the bottom, the drivers frame rail is rotten, the tail panel appears to be a bit tweaked, and the rear shock towers have been patched before. It looks like it’s on bilsteins and some brand of lowering spring but as you can imagine I doubt the shocks will be worth using. The car rolls fine, after I removed the frozen front brake calipers. I have a set of rebuilt calipers that could go with the car for extra as well as misc other 2002 parts. The lights all worked, the dash lit up fine and the gauges worked, steering all worked fine when I drove it. Replica front airdam riveted onto the nose panel. The carpet is still in the car but is old, the headliner is also there but it’s quite dirty. There are two mismatched door cards, both windows roll up and down fine and the tilting 1/4 window vents work fine as well. Glass is in pretty good shape. Will come on the bottle caps pictured not the BWI wheels in the last photos from the day I pulled it from the barn. The price is firm, and I have the title ready to go for any interested buyers. Let me know if you have any other questions!e































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