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1973 BMW 2002; CEYLON non-driver project

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Price: $8500
Location: San Francisco Bay area


This 1973 CEYLON BMW 2002 CALIFORNIA CAR; VIN # 2591549; (color verified by email copy, via BMW ARCHIVAL SERVICE in Germany) was a restoration project that got halted due to health reasons, and then came to a halt. It was stored in an area with a dry climate, in a enclosed carport near Nevada City.

   The 2nd to the last picture, is what it looked like, before the drive-line and interior were removed for paint, and mechanical work, about 8yrs ago. Just prior to the halt on this resto, and not knowing when the project would continue, the body was sanded, and sprayed and sealed with a white primer. 

The complete body is perhaps one of the cleanest, straightest, almost rust-free 2002 bodies, that i have seen in a very long time, originally intact altogether at one time. The last picture is what CEYLON looks like, ON A DIFFERENT 2002, in wonderful condition, - this is a reference point for those who have not seen Ceylon. 

The body is complete and intact, with exception of the glass, interior, and drive-line. --We have 90% of the parts, that came with the BMW (parts break, some were missing) i.e. seats, door cards, all grilles, all chrome, all bumpers, all glass, etc. No carpet, was toast, so we pulled it out.

Most of the Chrome is in very use-able condition, seats need considerable help, front door cards are in very good shape. doors shut fine, as does the trunk. Have both keys to the doors, ignition, and trunk.

There is a small area of rust, limited to one area on this car. You can see that every body line is quite straight from head light to tail light, including the roof, and the door gaps are spot on, surprisingly in-line for its age, and the doors close gently, surprisingly with little effort. 

(There is a white piece of insulation foam behind the passenger rear tire, just to hold the car from rolling back, -did not have anything else handy at the moment to stop the car from rolling when taking pics.)

Comes with a nicer replacement dash set in better shape, then what is in the car, the headliner is there, but would need replacement. 

Engine is the original matching # to the chassis, and is torn down to the block, and-i have a complete core engine also, and it needs to be rebuilt, the transmission had a 2nd gear grind, but did shift ok. Rear diff is still mounted in the BMW. It is a roller on tires with the original steel wheels, so it is easily towed. 

call for more pics, as i will have more uploaded, as time permits.  If you email me @ [email protected], i can email them to you directly for better resolution. asking $8500 or best offer.

CLEAN CALIFORNIA TITLE - NO BACK FEES.  == 65o-344~111 seVen  land line.


link; https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/




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The first picture, is what she looked like, The 2nd picture is what she looks like, in wonderful condition. 


C'mon man, why not show us pictures of your car all wet from the watering hose right before you take a picture.  





Image result for hot chic




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I personally saw this car early last year after I bought some miscellaneous grills and bumper parts from the original owner.  This 'white' car was sitting under his carport.  At the time I wasn't in the market for another car but wandered over to have a look.  I really was amazed at how straight it was with no signs of nose damage, nose replacement or any panel replacement.  When I saw it, it was in 'white primer' but saw traces of the original Ceylon in the cabin and under the dash.  Was very surprised how the doors, trunk and hood opened with ease - no binding. The VIN matching block was present but out of the car.  Big project but  ...  if you've got a thing for Ceylon, this one might be worth looking at.  



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Hey @euro8886 - I'd be interested in seeing the car in person.  I'm having a hard time getting an idea of it from the pictures.  I'm in East Bay often.  Where are you at?


Shoot me a text and we can find a time to talk / potentialy see it in person if you agree.   651 three 4 three seventy-nine 86.  Thanks so much!



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sorry, i just read your message, and tried to call you. the # you left;  651-34three- 798six  ... is dis-connected. i'm sorry you can access the link i put up, and i am checking it now.

If you're still interested, happy to show you the car, so call me directly at 65o- 465= sixty eight=eighty eight, or you can send a text also. You mention that you're here in the East Bay often, the BMW is in San Mateo, and for some reason, if you look at your message to me, i cannot get you on the phone # you wrote.




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