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FS: Momo 350mm Clay Regazzoni - Scorched Earth Patina


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Price: $150
Location: Seattle, WA


spacer.pngHi Folks,


Apologies in advance for the wall of text. I am far less concise after midnight.


I’m focusing on my car, freeing up space, and abandoning steering wheel projects. With my beer goggles on I impulsively snatched this off of ebay a few years ago for more than my asking price.


The wheel is more weathered than Clint Eastwood’s face after a week in the desert with no water. The leather looks like the Nevada salt flats, but in a cool way. If for any reason you can’t tell, the face of the wheel has been sanded a bit, but not everywhere. The foam is firm and the stitching is tighter than you would expect.


The horn button is period correct silver ringed momo. These old buttons shouldn’t have a momo logo on them. Feel free to consult with the experts. ;)


The Clay Regazzoni is a momo signature wheel in 350mm. It was produced in the mid 70’s, evident by the logo and lack of date. This wheel has the period “square stitch” on the spoke wraps, which mostly ended by 1981. The safe-but-less-hip steering hub is a genuine collapsible momo C157. The horn ring was removed, and a period and equally worn 2002 plunger inserted.


I am asking $150 plus free shipping within the US. I figure the price is fair given that the hub costs around $70 and a nice silver ring momo button is $150+. There should be zero surprises with this wheel. Given that I am posting this at 1AM, I’m sure that some bloke from the UK will ask if I will ship it. Happy to do so for a few more shipping dollars, but would prefer the US out of pure laziness.


This is a statement wheel for the right individual and vehicle. If you have the 2002 equivalent to rusty slammington, this wheel is for you. If you drive your 2002 on muddy dirt roads or

ford your fjord, this wheel is for you!


Thanks for looking!













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Sale pending, two folks in line. @Howie is first. @John Pantel mentioned that the integrated signal tab on the 157 could be a problem. Conflicting posts on that so I need to verify. If it doesn’t clear, the momo hub has the recess for a standard steel cancellation insert. I can remove the aluminum tab in a few minutes.

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