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Door Card green thingys and....new door cards

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I have new door cards from Walloth  Nesch . Bought 24 new green fasteners . The old ones were soft , flabby and flopping around loosely.



1.The New cards have no pre cut holes for the window cranks , grab handles etc.  probably to account for variation in fitment .  Is there a best practice and or a recommended tool

    to cut / punch the vinyl? 
2. The pre cut fiber board holes for green fasteners are so tight I do not know how to proceed :  pliers break the fasteners ;  is there a special tool?  or do I enlarge the holes ? 

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Green clips screw in. Go slow. You want them in there good and tight.


Don't you have the old cards for hole templates?

The holes are so small that it is not possible to do more start twisting it in .  Maybe 1/8 of a turn - without more purchase than the human hand can provide .  Any tool will snap the plastic fastener.  
The old cards are ... old .  They’ve obviously been removed and reinstalled so many times that the holes are distorted . I will expend the new holes gradually with a little abrasive Sand paper


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On 1/14/2020 at 7:30 PM, Guy Cocquyt said:

The green fasteners should twist in but if they are tight, try a little sandpaper rolled in a tube to enlarge just enough to trust them I.

For punching through vinyl I used a fine exacto knife made a small cross.

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Thanks ! I ended up using a Dremel tool... I didn’t enlarge the hole as much I just thinned the fiberboard . Which turned out working quite will... I will give you the credit / inspiration for just removing some material with abrasives 


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