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Sold 1970 BMW 1600 Nevada Chassis

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Price: $4500
Location: San Juan Capistrano


Another cool car here.  This is for the guy who has an extra engine and trans laying around, and wants to make a complete car. 

This car is ugly, but what it loses in aesthetics, it makes up for in the sum of its parts and its potential. 


This car is VERY DRY. No major rust aside from the the lower part of the nose panel (already cut out). 

What makes this car unique is that someone seemed to have put a lot of time and effort in, and then just bailed. It has a completely rebuilt rear subframe with all bushings, fresh brakes and SS lines, big swaybars front and rear, and lots going on in the engine bay as well. I see a fresh insulation pad installed, lots of new hardware underneath the car, and seems to already be set up for a 5-speed G245 trans (trans tunnel tabs moved and welded). 


The interior is nearly complete, though disassembled. I don't see a back seat present, but the door cards are tobacco and in great condition. They even come with with backing plates when you decide to redo them. Doors have glass installed in them. The front seats are some variation of race seat. There is a full roll bar in the back seat; Uninstalled but looks new. 


The trunk is also in great shape. No rush in the spare tire well and lots of good parts back there. 


I was able to crawl underneath and check all the problem areas for rust - this car has none of those issues. 


VIN: 1571037

This car is titled in Ca and the license plate I believe is original. 


Here is a link to many photos. Go through them! 




If you have any questions. Please reach out and send me a DM. If you have my phone number, go ahead and call. 




 Ryan D 

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22 hours ago, doctor jay said:

...Are all of them for sale?


No! They’re part of a collection, from which there are occasional deaccessions....


Yes. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of!





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