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OD 5 speeds, wiper kits, tii engine parts

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Price: $100
Location: Vacaville, CA




Getrag 240 5 speed overdrive transmission. Those looking to do an M42 conversion I didn't forget you! Very clean unit in excellent condition. Includes shift plate, shifter, linkage, clutch fork, retaining spring, and input end of driveshaft.Please note: This was removed from an E21 320i so it has mechanical speedometer drive just like a 2002. $600


Intermittent wiper kits: 

Late kit for 74 models: Includes wiper stalk and intermittent relay. $125 shipped to the lower 48 states.

Watch this space for more early kits!


Golde pop up sunroof wind deflector.  Rare optional equipment.  Stays hidden underneath the sunroof panel and pops up into position when the roof is opened. Also used on Porsche 911 models.

$400 shipped to the lower 48 states. 


Front control arms

Powdercoated, new OEM BMW bushings. $200 each or $400/pair.


Tii Front Engine Covers

73, 74 castings $200 each.  71 casting for 72 model year $250 each. Shipping extra.


Tii coolant pipes excellent used condition replated in gold cadmium. $75 each. Shipping extra


Tii water dividers $75 each. Shipping extra


Tii throttle bodies. Excellent used shape no horrendous slop from a worn bushing making throttle adjustment impossible. $400 each. Shipping extra.


Tii injectors: Sets of four. Pressure tested for opening pressure and spray pattern. $500 shipped to the lower 48 states.


Tii air filter housings: Unrestored or fully powdercoated with plated hardware. $150 unrestored, $300 powdercoated with plated hardware. Shipping extra


Tii valve covers (Yes, it's different from a carbureted 02 valve cover!) $75 each. Shipping extra.


NLA Tii front crank pulleys. Straight, powdercoated $100 each. $8 shipping to the lower 48 states.


Tii stub shaft/hub ( mounts on the nose of the crankshaft, the crank pulley bolts to it) Replated in gold cadmium. $150 each. Shipping extra.


NLA tii oil filter head/housings: $75 each shipping extra.

NLA tii fuel filter mounting brackets: Is yours gone? Did you lose it? Original part, not a repro! Powdercoated. $80 each. $8 shipping.


Tii alternator brackets; Replated in gold cadmium. $125 each. Shipping extra.


72 Tii Intake manifolds:Includes: plenum, 4 plastic c-runners, rubber o-ring gaskets, and stub horns $300 shipping extra.


Bosch SR 71X rebuilt starters.  These are the small case (light) gear reduction (high torque=faster cranking, quicker starts) starters Bosch has made available for several years.

$75 shipping extra.


Weber 32/36 DGV carburetor with TWM performance intake manifold. $200 shipping extra.


Metal Oil Filler Caps (Does your 2002 have a black plastic oil filler cap?) Excellent condition. $15 shipped


Dinan adjustable camber rear subframe;powdercoated $350 shipping extra


2 and 3 sensor port water dividers for Megasquirt conversions $35 each shipped.


E21 320i front hubs for vented rotor conversions. For both small spindle (carbureted 02) or large spindle (tii). Clean used condition. $120 pair shipped.


E21 320i  Early and late sport steering wheel horn buttons.  Don't know which wheel you have? Early wheel has black metal spokes and polyurethane foam wheel grip. Late wheel has covered spokes and genuine leather wrapped rim (unless it wore out and somebody removed it without telling you it had one before selling it to you! I remember somebody bringing me one at a swap meet to show me and asking me what it was worth thinking they had scored. I told them,"It's not worth much because the leather is gone". The look on their face was priceless. LOL

$30 each, $8 shipping.


74-76 Foglight and defroster switches.  $25 each $8 shipping.


Late headlight switches: $30 each shipped. 


Itala 20 spoke Alpina copy wheels. Same casting design as MSW, BHS, and OZ. 6J x 13H2 ET 13. 4x100 Excellent clean driver condition. Set of five wheels. Rare centercaps included.Spare wheel beadblasted clean but needs to be painted. $600 set. Shipping extra.


Ronal wheelset ( The manufacturer of Alpina wheels) Only lack the Alpina logo cast into the center of the wheel. Genuine Alpina centercaps included. (copy wheels have a different center design that doesn't allow the use of Alpina centercaps). Staggered set: 6Jx15H2 ET 12 front, 7Jx15H2 ET 12 rear 4x100. Fully restored condition. Straight, true and have not been mounted since being restored.Excellent for use on flared cars or factory turbo. $2000 shipping extra.


Don't see something you need? Ask! All parts cleaned at minimum and restored/replated/powdercoated in most cases. (Hell, I have seen people buy one of my parts, then turn around and pull the same part off of their car in dirty,greasy condition, put it in an ad/post and place a higher price on it than what they bought my part for!!) Email directly for fastest response and pictures. If you reply through the website I cannot send you pictures. Just reply from your email. shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com





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Sorry Tlambert I sold my last cast iron tii exhaust manifold about three weeks ago locally.  I do have Stahl headers which are not a bad way to go and give a slight horsepower and throttle response increase depending upon any modifications you have done to your engine.

shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com

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