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Odometer Diagnosis

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Hey all,

I have a general question about repairing/diagnosing my busted 76' 2002 odometer. I just got the speedo removed and I noticed that when I move the pin that moves the odo number wheels and I can turn it by hand with ease and the trip counter 1/10 mile turns and every 10 revolutions the total mile odo adds one mile. I assume this is proper operation. If this is correct then would the problem be with the  speedo/odo connection that's inside the metal housing? I've read a common problem is that the pin I can turn by hand  not grabbing and advancing the odo wheels but that's not the case here. I'd assume the next step is to unscrew the three screws and have a look at the speedo conne ction. Is there any possible damage that could be done by opening it up? Thanks.  





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That nylon gear gets stripped when people reset the odo while the car is moving, there's no clutch/slip system built in so it forces the  gear to ether slip on the shaft or strip, so please make sure your car is stopped when resetting the odo. 



PS great you tube tutorial.

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7 hours ago, Swiss 2002Tii said:

Worth a watch:


Most likely this gear has a worn spot...Funkylaneo shows you how to remove it.



Order it here...





Thanks for the youtube link, very helpful. I tiried tapping out the shaft that has the nylon gear but it seems to be stuck as I cant tap out the ball bearing like in the video. I also  noticed that where I was tapping is slightly bent, not sure if my tapping did that but it still turns the other gear, so It's fine for now. So maybe the nylon gear is fine and could've been frozen and the tapping unfroze it? Now when I turn the gear by hand that runs through number stack it doesn't turn the trip counter so now I have the common odo problem to fix. I'm wondering why the nylon gear shaft can't be tapped out.  

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When you were trying to tap out the gear shaft, had you separated the two sections of the speedo? 


I think the internal gears will prevent the shaft from moving if the two parts are not separated.  You have to remove this external assembly in addition to the two brass body screws (vertical in this picture) to separate the two pieces. 



Be very careful separating the barrel from the display gear assembly, and particularly when putting them back together to not damage the fine little needle that fits into the rotating weight.  Gently does it!  


If your trip odometer is not working, this gray gear may have been pushed out of place:



If it's "kinda-sorta" working now, it's probably because you moved the shaft enough to get off of the worn spot on the nylon gear.


This is what the new one looks like:



They also sell the gray gear if that has a worn spot.

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