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*** Black Friday Sale *** 2002 Automatic Trunk Opener


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Price: $65
Location: Northern Colorado, USA

While supplies last, it's time for another sale on my '02 Auto Trunk Opener kit.  It's going to a good cause- new belt line trim for my 1600.  Hopefully while Blunt's sale is still on !


Kits are available for immediate shipment (next business day after payment is received).  Please send an FAQ PM to reserve your kit and establish communication.  As advertised, the price is $65 including Priority Mail shipment to the USA. I accept paypal


2002 Automatic Trunk Opener


A kit that you can install in your BMW 2002 or 1600-2 which allows you to pop open the trunk remotely.


Your 2002 or 1600-2 came from the factory with two different keys - one for the trunk lid and one for everything else.
So, many of us just leave the trunk unlocked. Not the best idea if you plan on carrying valuables in the trunk...


This kit allows you to remotely open your 2002's trunk lid electrically and remotely.


This kit -
- Works on Roundie or Square Tail Light Cars, all years and models, except the touring hatchback model
- Is easy to install with simple tools that you probably already have
- Needs NO modification to the car's sheet metal
- Uses reconditioned BMW OEM parts where possible


How does it work ?

Basically, an additional method of opening the trunk is created (without modifying the original method) by adding a motorized actuator which mounts alongside the original trunk latch. Nothing is changed on the trunk lid. Adjustment of the 2002 trunk latch is done on the part that mounts in the trunk lid so alignment is not affected by this kit. There is no change to your trunk lock. There is also no modification of the latch mechanism except that you replace the spring with one provided in the kit. 


The kit also includes a glow-in-the-dark emergency escape handle as seen on much newer cars.  Beginning with the 2002 model year, all cars sold in the US were required to have this feature, so why not have one in your 2002?  To install this feature, you will need to drill a single little hole in the latch mechanism while it's out for cleaning  
(This is optional, it is not necessary to install the handle).


The custom CNC laser cut steel bracket which holds this mechanism mounts using the original bolts that mount the trunk latch mechanism. There are no holes to drill in the car’s body. The motorized actuator and power cable are BMW parts used on newer models. They are used parts which have been reconditioned and tested. All other items in the kit are all new.


What’s included?

Everything that you need to install the kit on your stock car except for the electrical parts needed to activate it (switch, fuse, etc). You will have to decide how to provide power to it and provide the necessary electrical parts to do so.


How do you install the kit?

Detailed installation instructions are included with your kit, but here are the basics: You can install the mechanical components of this kit in about 15 minutes, not including the cleaning of your original latch. Essentially, you add the kit to your existing latch mechanism without affecting it's normal operation. You will need a 10mm wrench or socket, a T-20 Torx driver, and needle nose pliers to install the basic mechanism. If you want to install the emergency escape handle, you will also need a power drill with small drill bit. Wiring the unit to your car will require the usual
electrical tools. You will need to clean, inspect, and lubricate your car’s latch mechanism to ensure it has a smooth working action. Once you do the mechanical installation of this kit, it remains to make electrical connections through a switch or other source of your car's power. The additional electrical parts are not included with the kit. Since this device works in parallel with the normal operation of your latch, there is no need to complete the electrical wiring until you have time later.... To ensure the successful installation of your kit, I'll provide contact information so that
I can help in any way possible while you are installing the kit.


GUARANTEE - This Kit is guaranteed to work in your 2002 or 1600-2 if you follow the instructions. I can make that guarantee because there have been NO complaints or returns to date. I'm available to assist with questions about installation.  


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There are many options possible (wireless remote control, etc), but the simplest setup is very simple- a pushbutton switch at the driver's position which applies 12 volts briefly to the opener to do it's trick. 


Think of this as connecting the battery to the hot lead of the opener through a pushbutton switch. Via a fuse.  


The light built into the opener is a separate affair- it can be connected through a switch to any live 12V circuit and it'll light up. The simplest setup for the light goes like this:   Included in the kit is a pushbutton switch as is used in car alarms,  which is mounted so that it can be used to turn on the light whenever the trunk is open. 

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 I purchased and installed one with a light. It works like a charm and you never have to use a trunk key again. Just run a wire from the unit to a spot under the dash for the switch, wire the switch to a fused always hot lead and you are in business. You can still leave the trunk closed and unlocked for repeated access or just electrically lock it with the switch. If you have a dead battery, you can still use the key to open. A novice can install it.

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Sorry for any confusion, but a dash switch is not included.  Exactly how you "activate" the opener by providing a short burst of 12 volts at less than 3 amps is up to the user.  I've seen a variety of ideas used- these are most common-

* A simple pushbutton switch to any +12V source (in series with a 5 amp fuse, please)

* A relay (there's physical space to mount a DIN size fuse with mounting tab on the opener frame)

     - powered from a switch in the cockpit

     - powered from an aftermarket alarm system

* The aftermarket alarm system itself, if it can provide the necessary current


What doesn't work is a toggle switch, because the actuator expects only a momentary burst of power.  It's not designed for continuous duty and gets quite warm after a few minutes (I've tested that, but have not run one to destruction, please don't try...)

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I love my trunk opener.  Do yourself a favor and take the trunk latch out and clean it thoroughly as per the instructions.  I used some good molly grease and it opens every time.  I didn't do the aforementioned and it would stick, requiring multiple pushes of the button.


The switch I used is below. 





"Goosed" 1975 BMW 2002


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No luck needed, Anthony.  Just normal do it yourself skill and attention to detail when cleaning your car's 40+ year old latch so that it works smoothly.


All requests have been shipped and there are two kits left for now.  Any other takers?



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