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Turbocharged 1974 2002 tii with body issues

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Price: $8000
Location: Redwood City, CA


Our very own conkitchen beat me to posting my own car on here, but I figured I would make a posting of my own if anyone is actually interested in my car, and not just ridiculing my attempt to sell it.


All of the pertinent information is on craigslist, here: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/d/redwood-city-turbocharged-1974-bmw-2002/7016424705.html


The posting is deliberately quite straightforward and blunt. I was sold the car by a friend of the previous owner (who passed away), and he did not disclose the fact that the rear panels are from a different car. It turns out that his day job was as a used car salesman, so he knew the right buttons to push, and what to leave out. The day I found out that he'd mislead me was really rough. I've made the post as blunt as possible so that nobody else can feel that they've been intentionally mislead.


I'm selling the car because I will shortly not be able to afford to have a garage any more, and I would like to make sure it ends up in good hands. I understand that I'm asking a lot, but these cars sell for a lot in the bay area. You can see my response to conkitchen's post here. 


I've learned a lot about the car since I've got it, and all of my work has been dedicated towards making it run reliably. I daily drove it all of spring and this fall (summer was too warm and it lacks AC) despite the body being rough. It's truly a blast. 


The turbocharger was installed by Motorspeed West in Santa Clara back in the early 2000s. The previous owner (who drove the car until he died) bought a period kit from the 80s that was originally meant for a later generation 318 or 320 and asked them to 'make it work' and it does. I would be happy to go into more detail on it. It took a bit of noodling to figure out.


The car itself is an absolute blast. I'm trying to get back what I paid for it ($8000) and I'm already meeting with a few people who responded to my deliberately aggressive CL posting, but I would love to sell to someone on the forums so I can see what comes of this car. I know it's a long shot to get that much, so get in touch if you are interested and we can probably work something out.




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