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Parts parts parts! Sacramento / NorCal

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Price: $5
Location: Sacramento

Good day folks! 

  Bought a truckload of parts last week locally and I’ve picked out what I want and need. I am ready to pass the good deal I got on to the 02 community. I am looking for local folks (Sac/ NorCal) to rustle some meet up opportunities, then will entertain shipping items at your expense. 
  I will not be gouging. I want parts to go to folks that need them, not part hoarders/flippers. 
  Please take a look at the photos to see what is there. I will take additional photos of specific items as requested. 

  I would like to recoup most of my expenses, but meeting folks for coffee and a chat and getting you the parts your 02 needs is my main focus.
  Always down to trade parts too! Drop me a line. 



















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Price: $5 Location: Sacrament

No problem, happen to be out in the garage. The air cleaner lid fits mine. I have a Weber 32/36. Need to be cleaned up and repainted, but there are no dents. This is one I was going to restore and us

I have a motor, I’ll test it tonight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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15 minutes ago, hynrgee said:

Hi Rich. What a collection! Nice photos and generous offer.  I looked for headlight rings like those in these photos but could not find them. Did I miss them? Thanks.




No headlight rings in this pile. I do have a tote with one or two headlight buckets in that I will check out when I get home. 

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6 hours ago, RichenFamous said:

PM’s replied to.

Let me know who needs parts! Have boxes and packing materials so I’m ready to ship!

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Nice parts, Rich!


I live across the country unfortunately (Brooklyn, NY), but if you’re willing to ship I would be most interested in the following parts from your stash here. Maybe they’ll all fit in one mid-size box?


- Older style gas tank cap (seen in last photo)

- Four of the least dented/scratched hubcaps (I’m restoring some old Tii steelies and these would be great)

- If either of those air cleaner housings are for double-barrel carbs, I would be interested in it.




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4 hours ago, RichenFamous said:

Hi Matt,

Shipping is no problemo.
Which gas cap style 1, 2, or 3?

I’ll pick out the four cleanest hub caps and send you a photo.

Air cleaners are sold.

I’ll PM you in the morning.


Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Thanks, Rich. Look forward to seeing the hub cap photos. I am interested in #1 gas cap. Thanks again.

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Hi Rich,

Do you know if the heater blower fan is from a 12-volt car and does it work? I've got a dead 6v unit in mine at present and would like to swap out the entire assembly to 12v, though shipping might be prohibitive. I could also use a 2bbl air cleaner lid and a 400mm engine fan (P/N: 11 52 0 786 120). I'm in Chicago, 60618.

Thanks and feel free to PM,

- Paul

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