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Dcoe 40s leaking from the bottom?

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I did the search.  Did not see anything.  After a short drive I have a slow fuel under the carb.  I don't see any fuel leakage on the top that could be a gravity fed source. Really not sure how to proceed for repairs or diagnosis. 

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As JP5 said the jet well cover on the underside of the carb might be loose or need a new gasket, if you have soft mounts IMHO throw them in the neighbors pool and get phenolic spacers, also the fuel maybe leaking out of the carb  throats and dripping off the carb bottom.

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Before you shitcan your soft mounts you may want to check the torque on the mounting bolts (i.e., are the carbs tight enough against the mount). Are you using Thackary washers (the spring like things)? They have to be torqued down properly. Are you have leaking from both carbs?

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4 hours ago, Koblenz said:

Ran it until at operating temperature. No leaks?  Starnge! 


Obviously you will keep an eye on it.  I suggest using an inspection mirror and a bright flashlight to look underneath everything.  I regularly check all the carb body screws and mounts...we all know how an M10 will shake things loose.


Good luck, hope you find it.



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Modern fuel vaporises at a stupidly low temperature.

If the fuel in the supply line boils, it blows extra fuel into 

the carbs, causing them to flood.  It often happens 10- 15 minutes

after shutdown, as the car heat- soaks.  And it only happens

to cars that have a positive seal on the fuel pump- the stock mechanical

does, lots of the aftermarket vane- styles don't.


One possibility- likewise, I've never seen a bottom cover leak.


Also, check your float levels.  The DCOE is not that far from splashover

at normal running heights.




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