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Early bumper repair

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Has anyone successfully repaired/straightened their early bumper side mounts without damaging the chrome?  If so, how?  Please share...vice, series of clamps, plastic mallet, custom hardwood block????  youtube video?  Or is this best to take to a body shop?  TIA

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I had a similar bend on a rear end piece; I made it look pretty acceptable by first straightening the bent U-shaped flange that holds the bolt by clamping it in a vise with a couple of pieces of either hard wood or flat metal plates (to protect the chrome).  Once you have the flange straight, you should be able to bend the flange (still securely clamped in the vise) by grabbing the ends for leverage and bending.  If you can wedge a piece of wood (taped, clamped or roped in place) to provide additional leverage, you should be able to straighten it out--or at least improve what you have. 


Final flattening can be done by wedging a vertical 2x4 up under the flange so that the 2x4's end is flat against the blade's upper surface, and whanging away with either a deadblow hammer or a steel hammer cushioned by a piece of masonite or plywood.    


The metal isn't torn, so you should be able to make some improvements.



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That’s a pretty common place these bumpers get bent.  Usually a light tap on the front of the bumper will knock the side off of the carriage bolt and bend the slot for the bolt like that.  Not sure how to fix but maybe a body shop could help.  I can’t see that being a major fix for the right body guy...good luck!

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