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Sold 1973 BMW 2002

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Price: $9800
Location: Connecticut


Car sold on Ebay for $11,452 but the buyer has been unresponsive. I need the garage spot and willing to sell for $9,800 if interested. Ebay notes below from listing.


1973 BMW 2002, 4 speed, Weber Carb, No Corrosion, matching VIN and numbers. This is a hard to find 1973 model in very good condition with excellent maintenance and history.  

- Car runs great
- Front end work just completed (tie rods, center link and alignment)
- New brakes all around
- Fresh Oil Change and Spark Plugs
- No Rust in Trunk or Spare Area
- All Heating Controls Operable
- Have Original Steering Wheel 
- Owners Manuals and Receipts going back to the 1980's
Known Issues / Items
- Odometer inoperable. True Mileage Unknown
- Left Front Blinker Light Needs Replacement and has a Small Crease in Fender
- Rear Bumper Bent 
Mark - 475-333-4789


On Sep-10-19 at 17:25:01 PDT, seller added the following information:


Added Items - Pictures of undercarriage (received requests). What you see is black undercoat peeling with clean floor pans and frame rails, new front end suspension and other added photo of under hood area. The fragments of the undercoating can be peeled off by hand if you wanted to apply a new coat (or left as is). I was under the car and didn't see any corrosion in the fender wells, frame rails, spare tire or other areas. 













IMG_0670 (2).JPG




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looks like a pretty honest car and it shouldn't last long at that price


is that original paint?


super nice seats! nice dash...great hubcaps..


more shots of the under body will help sell it...as well as all the body panels



but as soon as everyone sees the ad

your PM box is gonna light up


Glad you brought it here to sell..everyone here is serious about ownership

and not 'flipping'

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Thanks Iinca. Good suggestions. I'll post the undercarriage photos here. The car was undercoated and there isn't  any rot. The undercoating can be peeled off as you can see in some of the photos. 


The car was repainted in its original color in the 1990's I believe. I have many of the service receipts and they mention a paint job back then. 





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def repainted. they missed the OE shade by a tad..but it does look real close to true Malaga (and not candy

colored like some attempts)


Looks like the underside is where the new owner will have to focus. That Ansa Muffler is RUSTY llol

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Climbed under the car today to get some additional photos. Took a wire brush to the underside and removed a portion of the undercoating See the second photo. Can't find any rust or corrosion issues on the car. Also added spare tire well and other areas. 


Make me a fair offer. IMG_0728.thumb.JPG.667e231f5460ef2752cf5a67bc22b780.JPGIMG_0727.thumb.JPG.b0d644d6a83350f1132a212f2437aa47.JPGIMG_0724.thumb.JPG.c3e88b1a6ef16b4dc685ef72e1acaf87.JPGIMG_0725.thumb.JPG.ce1cf78b2c143ed4342d42885e92cf41.JPG

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looks solid. can you get it up on a lift and take LOTS of pics


plus there aren't nearly enough pics of the body. Take some shots close up of  window seals and rocker panels. Go all out with pics. This car SHOULD sell soon!


Heck a video of start up and driving...pics of the family dog in the back seat always help

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