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Just bought a 71' vw dune buggy

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I came across this thing on Craigslist yesterday and for $1300 I absolutely could not say no. It has a 1600 dual port engine with a 4spd manual transmission.

Previous owner was a police officer and he inherited it from his stepfather who had it for 10+ years.

It starts right up with ease, runs and drives but has erratic throttle response with bogging. First order of buisness is to drain /inspect the fuel tank. Replace all fuel lines and clean the carb. I'm also going to change the plugs, check the timing and points.

The only other mechanical thing that needs to be done is a complete brake overhaul.

They do "work" but you really have to stand on the pedal.

I need to figure out what kind of disk brakes it has. It only has disks on the rear, front are drum so I'm thinking they are not original. I will be rebuilding the calipers.

Other than that it's just cosmetics. I'll put some cheap ebay racing seats in with harnesses.

Probably replace the overhead lights with led light bars and possibly install a radio.

Oh, and hopefully find some narrower tires for the front. It looks kind of ridiculous with those super wide tires up there now. Might throw a couple of the tires I had on the 2002 on there. They did come off a vw and I do have some vw center caps.

I'm also going to give it a fesh paint job. I have some estoril blue paint left over from the 02. That might look pretty good.


I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it for myself long term or or just a little while but I am pretty stoked to finally check dune buggy off my car bucket list and have some fun with it!


Here's a walk around video of it.



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The dual port engines came out in '71, I wonder if the title for that one is based on the engine code.  It would start with AE, if it is a '71 engine.


The swing arm transaxle would be from a '68 or earlier, since they switched to CV joints in '69.


Let me guess... is the distributor a Bosch 009?

If so, there are suggestions online about enriching the carb jetting to work with that mechanical advance curve.

Is that a Solex 34 pict 1 carb?


Speaking of distributors... now that this has been painted, you can get back to the one in your 2002!


I recently sold two VW shells, a '66 and a '69, as well as two transaxles... and four engines last summer.  The 2002 is calling for enough of my attention and those things needed to go to someone enthusiastic about VWs... like YOU!     Now I just need to peddle the remaining fenders, hoods, doors and things. 


Be careful, Volkswagens tend to multiply.

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