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02 Afflictions

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On 9/10/2019 at 2:34 PM, Slavs said:

People afflicted with it measure everything in terms of “Tii”. They keep repeating “Tii” while talking about any 02.


Closely related to Hyper-E10-sion.

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I have a euro roundie tii.  


At least now I know why no one will talk to me.  :)




PS  This topic is hilarious.  I've noticed a few "manias" amongst my friends - buying every interesting period 13" wheel you come across, even though you have 17 sets already, and steering wheels.  Steering wheel mania.  Also, Borranis.


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On 9/11/2019 at 5:16 AM, Mike A said:

The age old “collector” vs “enthusiast” mindset....the single most overused term over on the early 911S forum is the word “correct “, as in “that’s not correct”. 

Yes, "Correct" is certainly one of the main key words among the Porsche fanatics. Most of those people can't  turn a wrench, but they're all over you if they feel that something isn't "correct" with your car. Sure, I'm also guilty of pointing out year specific differences on 02's, but I also understand that we have to make do with what we have. Many of us are driving Frankensteins, not by choice, but out of practical necessity. Back during the 80s the 356 was a daily driver car vs. a solely "Cars & Coffee" show car. People drove around their beat up Porsches with dents, faded paint and dripping oil. And now it's like "How dare you park your 02 next to my pristine, "Correct" 356". Many of these new owners are young professionals who can't even change the oil on their car. Are we not men ? We are Devo, "D", "E", "V", "O". Yes, I too, went to a top tier university, but I also learned to get my hands greasy and crawl underneath cars at the wrecking yards, located in the hot sweltering bowls of Los Angeles. Nothing like rolling around in sand and oil on a 100 + degree day in a yard located next to a garbage dump, where the breeze is blowing in your direction. But, I got to get that "Limited Slip" off the 320i. I just got one stubborn bolt left. "Limited Slip" fever will drive a man to desperation. I know. I was afflicted with it at one time.

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