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Sold Petri 35

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Price: $550
Location: NC


Have a driver condition Petri 35 for sale after switching to a 38cm.  Came on Euro delivery car I imported a few months ago.  Dealer represented all parts as original to car and while I have no reason to doubt them, please review photos and make your own decision.  Happy to provide additional photos in response to PMs.  Please note that wheel has been wrapped in leather, which is in very good condition.  I have no knowledge of condition of foam beneath leather wrap.  Note also the nick above the "M" of horn button.  Not pictured, but I have the cancelling ring.  Everything worked fine - cancelling, horn - prior to removal yesterday.  USD $550.  Buyer pays shipping.  Thanks 

Petri Front B Button.jpg

Petri Front C leather.jpg

Petri Rear A.jpg

Petri Rear B markings.jpg

Petri Rear C hub.jpg

Petri Rear D Leather .jpg

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Open to input on pricing.  I'm more of a buyer than seller, so have a limited knowledge of market.  I looked at what other Petri 35s had sold for on this site and tried to come up with a fair price, but with all the variables that's more art than science, IMO.  Just doesn't make sense to have this sit on the shelf when someone could enjoy it.  I feel sellers on this site have been fair with me and I want to be fair as well.  Thanks in advance.  

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I think your price is a very good deal for a driver quality set up. I've paid way more for Petri wheels+hub/button in similar condition. The leather wrap could be a minus for those seeking originality (I'm planning on wrapping mine so I'd consider it a bonus) but all good otherwise. GLWS.



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