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Higher Dust Caps for Strut Wheel Bearings

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Price: $25
Location: 27614


Hi All!  When I redid my suspension on my 73 I used new Bilstein HD's and noted that the OEM Dust Cap no longer fit as the strut insert was longer than the original.  So, what to do, on the FAQ many people cut a hole in the stock dust cap, but I do not like the look, so I 3D Printed a set.  I made a few sets to prototype the right look and fit and the final production ones fit great.  Can also customize colors for additional costs - I like the OEM black, and I know they also came in a gray from the factory, and will look into matching that color for the next run.


They are made from ASA Filament which is automotive grade with high heat resistance and is meant for outdoor use.  


Let me know if anyone is interested.  Pictures are included as well as a video of the 3D printing.


Stock OEM one is on the left and the new, higher one that supports the longer strut inserts is on the right.


$25+ shipping cost from 27614 to whereever you are.  The good news in the states is they fit in a "If it fits it ships" for under $10.  



IMG_3687 (1).JPG

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Great work Brett solving two problems at once--fit of dust caps with modern struts and original black being NLA!  I have a crack in one of my original black caps on my early '71 and have held off on doing anything about it for both of these reasons.  PM incoming to pick up a pair.




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1 hour ago, golf73 said:

Hi Brett,


Is it $25 each or for a pair?




It's per pair and $35 total with shipping within the continental U.S.  I was order #9 when I got in line by making the payment on Monday morning and it appears there have been a few more orders since.  The final product looks great Brett.



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This looks awesome.  I have the HDs and one of my caps is cracked.  With it being taller, does it clear the hood OK?  I've not really thought about the height between the strut top and the hood.  

Hi Scott, good ? Yes, they clear the hood perfectly. It was part of the design and testing.

Thanks for asking.


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