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Joey Allen

2002ti M3 S54 build

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Hello I'm doing a 2002ti M3 S54 build.

Here is motor that I need get in 



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Much experience with the s54?  I'd rebuild the VANOS, do the crank bearings and adjust the valves while the thing is on the stand.  And I'd get a clutch with a single mass flywheel too (I've had really good luck with the ClutchMasters kits, had 2 of them in 2 different s54's...)


And if you're not going to run a stand alone ECU you'll need to hack the mss54 ECU that goes with the engine.  It's not hard- the software is very affordable, and gives easy control to a lot of the ECU with a nice interface.  I can dig up the software names if you don't have them already.  The M3 forums are pretty comprehensive with this stuff, e46 fanatics isn't quite as good for the s54...

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Thank you yes I would be interested in software', also wire dia to ecu to use only what is need out of the 1000 feet of wires.

I'm looking also to run a 5 speed trans. any recommendation? 

[email protected]


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Start here... http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=423771


Buy this... http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=508807


One of those guys (Terra or Polar) wrote some code so that when you reflash it it resets the flash count.  Stock you only get so many flashes before the ECU locks- this resets the count so you can tune to your hearts desire.  You'll need to buy that, too, but it's really affordable. Ten bucks or something.  The big thing you need is the EWS delete, which Martyn's tool can do.


I have no idea on your wiring harness- I plugged the mss54 ECU into my stock ms43 e46 wiring harness and it all just worked, less the EWS delete.


And really, get rid of the dual mass flywheel.  I hear all the e46 5 speeds are robust.  That engine came with the 6 speed- side info; the manual and the SMG are the same transmission, the SMG just has a bunch of extra crap on the outside...

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