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5 speed + 3.45?

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If still on the topic of gear split changing or remaining the same when the diff ratio changes then :


If yesterday driving at 3000 rpm engine speed (for simplification say the trans gear ratio is 3:1, then the driveshaft is turning at 1000 rpm.  Shift to the next higher gear that say is 2:1 ratio, the engine rpm drops to 2000 rpm (a 1000 rpm decrease) and the driveshaft remains at 1000 rpm.


Last night was a good night for wrenching and that 2.78 ratio diff got installed.


Today on a drive with the engine at 3000 rpm and the trans is in the 3:1 gear, the driveshaft turns again at 1000 rpm.  Shift to the next gear that is at 2:1 ratio, the engine rpm drops (same as yesterday) by 1000 rpm to 2000 rpm and the driveshaft remains at 1000 rpm.

The new diff ratio didn't do any thing to change the engine rpm drop.

Where is the change of gear split?  There isn't any change of gear split, the rpm changed by 1000 rpm on both days on the upshift.

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I am so loving this setup (3.45 + 5 speed). Car feels so much better at high speed. This was at 92mph FYI, speedo is off due to the conversion.


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My opinion which is only worth what you paid for it $0.00 ?


Honestly I just threw in a 3.64 from a 3.91 for a week while my LSD was being serviced.


living in SoCal my usual cruising speed on the open freeway is 68-76mph, about -300 rpm from the 3.91 but Substantially less around town acceleration. The 3.64 took out a lot of town local fun I don’t think a 3.45 would work well with basic 02 power


I’m running a fresh Tii motor with a 5 speed 





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I think you need to live with the new setup for awhile to get used to a new shifting pattern (riding out 1st gear further so each subsequent gear is in a good torque zone - this works really well for me with the 3.45, plus I especially like how downshifting into 1st gear while rolling is now an option), but for sure this is oriented towards long legs and not jack-rabbit blasts.

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