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1972 tii engine block

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14 hours ago, lilmo said:

easy to convert base 02 block for tii unless you're looking for a particular vin 




Agreed. Title doesn’t really capture everything....


Just three of many possibilities:


1. Scooby has a 1972 tii — I’m going to guess U.S.-spec, but I really don’t know — missing its original engine, and wants a tii engine from another 1972 tii, engine number 2760001 to 2762629 (U.S.-spec tii’s), so that engine will be same model year and sub-model as the chassis. Are engine numbers 2762630 through 2764521 (U.S. 1973 model tii’s) or engine numbers 2780001 through 2782927 (U.S. 1974 model tii’s) out of the question? Brandon currently has a 278xxxx tii engine for sale, which he might part out.


2. Since condition is not specified, a call for a 1972 tii engine block could yield anything from a rusty frozen block to a freshly-overhauled block. Does Scooby want anything in that range, or are his/her needs more narrow?


3. Since no locations are specified, you might assume Scooby is prepared to ship this engine block anywhere. Is that correct?


In short, thIs WTB could perhaps be more effective if the original poster’s goals were more defined and location was disclosed.... This forum has pretty resourceful members. I’ll bet they can find exactly what the poster wants, or a good substitute for it, if they know the poster’s goals. 😉






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