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Part dimensions

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Hi again,

I'm making a bit of progress but I'm stuck on finding replacements for my rusted out rear fender support brackets.  These are part #4 on the attached diagram.  I've checked all the suppliers I can find to no availe.  If any one has dimensions for the part, I can likely make them.  What little I have left of mine are not good enough to make patterns from.

As always, any help is appreciated.  They're NLA from BMW, W&N, etc..



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Front fender rear support flange- yeah, 

these are consumables...


I DON'T have dimensions, but from experience replacing them,

they don't have to be particularly precise.

The fender fits the car in 2 dimensions already back there, and

all that flange does is adjust the in- out fit to the door.

I guess you can shove it up or down a touch- but in theory, you shouldn't need to...




So you can fab something up, fit the fender,tack it in place,

and then drill holes where the fender wants them.  The hardest part

is keeping them self- tapping, as that makes fender fitting SOOOO much easier!



has detachable front wings

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I believe the part numbers are:

SUPPORT LEFT    41211826411  

SUPPORT RIGHT    41211826412


Have you tried contacting Restoration Design? http://www.restoration-design.com/store/category/BMW While they don't have the parts listed, they are fabricating lots of parts and may be able to help out. Lots of us have seen that part severely rusted.

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