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Libre Style 13"X6" Alloy Wheels, 4X100 Lugs, Tires, Set of 4

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Price: $350
Location: Volcano, Hawaii
Here's a set of Vintage Libre Style Alloy Wheels. Set of four wheels with good tires mounted. These came on a BMW 1600 project car I bought. Tires have great tread with some nub rubber still showing. Go to Bring A Trailer dot com and Search BMW 1600 Project, 12/26/2017. You can see the wheels and tires as I got them on the car. I've cleaned up the wheels, and they can be polished or painted as you wish. This would be a great way to change up the look of your 02 BMW. 
Wheels and tires weigh approximately 25 pounds each. I will box, pad and ship anywhere in the USA for $200 for the set (at that shipping price I am subsidizing some of the shipping costs).  Or, if you have an account with a courier like UPS or FedEx, I will deliver to the courier office in the Hilo, Hawaii area, to be shipped to you on your account number.
The tires are General Altimax 175/70 RT 13 inch. They are likely older tires, at least five years old, but with great tread remaining and no leaks. See photos.
The rims are 6 inches wide. These wheels are likely old, but also in great shape. See the photos.   I am including BMW stickers for the wheels centers, but these have never been mounted on these centers. Lug nuts are included and may be original, so you may want to replace for better looks. 
I will ship all four tires and wheels (along with wheel centers, stickers, and lug nuts) in two boxes, well padded, and by either FedEx ground or US Postal Service Priority Mail, your choice. Items ship after payment clears. PayPal preferred, but write if you want to suggest other forms of payment. 
Thank you for viewing. Ask any questions prior to buying. I'll answer promptly. I'm a car enthusiast and want you to be happy with the purchase. Also, please see my eBay ad now running, for more and better pictures. https://www.ebay.com/itm/202764290282   Aloha, Robert





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I've reduced the price of this set of aluminum wheels and used tires to $225, plus my subsidized shipping rate to lower 48 of $200. That's $425 for a set of four, Libre-style aluminum wheels and really decent, mounted used tires delivered to your door in the US!


The Offset on the wheels is +20. I've looked at other, similar wheels, and I think these may be American Racing. None of them are marked with any name or logo (unless the mark is covered by the tires), but apparently AR did not mark every set they made. The casting pattern is exactly like AR's I've seen on web. 


Anyway, this seems like a good deal for someone, even without the tires. I've had the wheels bead blasted, to make sure they are solid and without significant blemishes. They can be polished, painted, or a combination--or mounted as is.


This set of four come with wheel centers, lug nuts, and BMW stickers. Here's a bargain! Robert



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