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OT: a little venting never hurt anybody: some dumb kids thre

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

thankfully (kinda, woulda been better off denting the '02, since shes goin' in for a little body work and paint once i have the money, the 328 surely doesnt need paint) it was at our other bimmer. . . the 97 328i, at a drive through, when my little brother was the pilot. do i blame the yuppie bmw image? =/

jerk kids at a taco bell drive through tossed a rock about baseball sized, from what i hear from my little bro as he exits for a waterpolo tournament. . . mother is less than pleased with the little brother (mostly the fight that ensued the car denting)

worst thing, i guess, is that my little brother couldnt hold on to the kid, and the repair for this sucker isnt going to be cheap

but WTF! why would you do that? smash up a car for no reason?! senseless destruction irks me like nothing else. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i wish i could get a grip on that bolt that broke off in my strut because i KNOW after looking at this softball sized dent i'm mad enough to twist that sucker free

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Guest Anonymous

i try to teach my kids not to incite anything like this but they are kids and have to learn for themselves. my eldest has what was a mint black e36 and while at school evidently pissed off the wrong guy. he came out to find a boot had been placed against his drivers quarter hard enuff to push it in 3 inches. oh well, lesson learned. dont screw with people. im not saying your brother was but kids are kids and dont think things thru. i know i didnt

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Guest Anonymous


I was out cycling with a friend in the "full getup" (function over fashion, folks 8^). I heard someone yell "QUEERS!!" out the window of their passing truck. Luck would have it that they got the next red light. I rolled up and asked if they had said anything. They stammered around and denied it. Then we roll up to the light since they were in the left turn lane. Next thing I know, they're really mouthing us. I couldn't resist deploying the middle-finger-up-yours device. After that, they crossed a lane of traffic and ran right up to my friends back wheel and slammed on the brakes nearly hitting him.

Lesson: Let the idiots be idiots. Besides, they really have the power. We have too much to lose.

Now where's that damned soapbox again........

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Guest Anonymous

He even put some swirls on the hood. I feel the same way about destruction just to destroy. Breaking a window to steal a stereo is just as annoying but at least the motivations are understandable. But shit like what happened to you and me . . .

I am not a violent man, but . . .

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Guest Anonymous


I was driving a '91 Mazda Miata autocross car. I was 19 at the time and

had worked my ass off to acquire a loan to buy this car that I really

couldn't afford. The little thing was gorgeous- a wealthy middle aged

couple had been autocrossing it on weekends with a local club and had

won almost every race. They had put a lot of money into the car:

incredible track-ready suspension, lightly tuned motor, competition

roll bar, custom leather seats, a tasteful Racing Beat body kit complete

with a beautiful white/blue stripe clearcoated paint job and a matching

hard top. This thing was a little race car and really looked the part. I

was literally working two part time jobs while going to school in order

to afford this car that I loved dearly.

One night I parked behind a friend's apartment at Brigham Circle in an

iffy part of town. I was just upstairs from where the car sat for maybe

four hours at the most. When I went back down to leave, I saw a

glittery pile of glass sitting next to the driver's side of the car. My heart

in my throat, I approached my beloved car slowly. To my horror I found

that some shithead had taken a cinder block and thrown it repeatedly

at the door and window on the driver's side of the car! Even worse, they

had cut a foot-long gash in the beautiful Robbins canvas soft top. The

most shocking part of the deed was the last thing I found:

A dollar sign had been carved into the blue stripe in the middle of the

(tasteful and small) spoiler on the trunk.

The irony of the situation frustrated me more than almost anything

ever had. Here I was, going to school full time, in debt up to my

eyeballs, working two jobs just to make car payments on a 10-year-old

vehicle that I had bought cheap and loved more than life. And this

FUCK had carved a dollar sign into my car.

To this day I'm still sore from this random act of vandalism. It's

incredible how a human being can act with such aggression on the

assumption that a person is more well-off in life than they are. Hell, I

was even paying for my own school along with the car and was

enjoying a rare four-hour break from classwork and work-work.

I live with the assumption that there is some kind of cosmic balance

somehow. I would be surprised if this person is living some charmed

life somewhere, or if they even have any self respect or happiness to

speak of. It's a comfort when the anger of senseless acts really gets to


Thanks for reading and good luck with your 328!


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Guest Anonymous


Ok. I've been drinking. Alot!! Happy weekend. I have the best Long Island Ice Tea recipe in the entire WORLD and I'm using it!!!!!!

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Guest Anonymous

at his car as he was driving down the freeway. It was a really large rock, or possibly a brick that hit his hood and made a really nice crease dent that sunk the hood down about .5". worst thing of all was he had just got the hood on and painted. some people.


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