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2002targa 1973 need help to sort the clutch slave cilinder

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i guys



I need your best knowledge to help me to do the clutch slave cylinder as is leaking and need replace. Is mi

first time so i need all your tips especially to remount the part.


many thanks


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Can you confirm if you have a 4 speed or dogleg 5 speed with the external lever or whether you have a later 5 speed with the internal throw out lever?


If it is the 4 speed, be aware that the master is secured in the gearbox housing by large circlips around the diameter. Watch for corrosion between the dis-similar metals sticking it in place. If it is stuck then don’t get too medieval on it as you can break the lug off the box. If it’s seriously stuck then some gentle heat (watch for fire) from a MAP torch or similar will help. A big pair of channel lock pliers or pipe wrench and a twisting motion will help too after disconnecting the hydraulic line. 

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I'd start with PB Blaster soak. You'll need a good pair of  circlip pliers.

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Hi Rop,

I went up to the [SEARCH] box and typed in "clutch slave cylinder" and got 1400 hits.

On page one, I pulled up half a dozen of them that sounded promising.  I like to put each of them in a separate tab, while keeping the search result tab open at the same time, so I can simply go back and pull up some more.  You'll be amazed at how much you can learn in a very short time, compared to waiting for people to reply to this thread.


The first one I pulled up has this nice page from c.d.eisel




There is a wealth of information in the archives and you can answer your question(s) in a matter of minutes if you dig in.


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