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It seems so simple but it’s not. I’ve been on this safari hunt looking for the right pilot bearing. See picture below. 


-ie engineering

-every parts store in my town turns up the new bearing show which is significantly larger than the old one.

[email protected] believes that INA bearing manufacture had a hiccup and have been sending the wrong one out but know one can seem to find the right one. I’m not sure what the truth is and am really hoping I find out I’m a complete idiot and missed something. Anyone out there in this lonely “wrong part world”have me a answer!? I’ll include a few more pics of old and “new” dimensions.


the part number 1121 1276 551 is what generally pops up in my search and is wrong size. 

The number on the old bearing is f 85249


1976 2002


getrag 245 conversion in the works


Cheers guys!









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We have seen the same issue with the INA bearings.  Wrong part in the box.  Same as the issues with the oil pump chains.

BMW dealer has the right ones

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Someone is doing an improper supersession. They are trying to update to the 32mm ball bearing type.   The 11 21 1 276 551 is the correct number for the roller type bearing (21mm)  they are available through WorldPac and I'm sure through the dealer.  Try Blunt and/or Ireland and I'm sure they have a bunch of them on the shelf. 

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Yep, just went down this road few months ago. Blunt and Ebay both had correct box, wrong bearing. Ended up getting one from Maximillian for $16.00, should have ordered 2.

It's quite annoying isn't it? Total downtime on the car until I found one of the little buggers.


76 2002

Getrag 240 conversion nearing completion 

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3 hours ago, Scottwattz said:

I really hope it's right!

Take you caliper (and old bearing) with when you go to pick it up and if it's not the right size don't accept it.  They might h.ave the same problem.

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Huzzah! Congrats

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