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An old rocket in Lima

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On 8/24/2019 at 12:03 PM, kiva667 said:

True, but it does have an M badge on the rear - which might just mean something?


Me, I am no expert in the M series cars.


I've seen / had plenty of cars with badges added / removed to give any of them credit.


I know there was an e30 with the 2.0 s14 motor (e30m3 had the 2.3.)  But I've never seen one as they didn't come to the States, and I've never asked google what they looked like...

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21 hours ago, mlytle said:

total rust bucket that someone stuck an M badge on (crooked).   it has all the base model e30 que's.


there was an italian 4dr e30 with 2.0l S14, but it was badged a 320is.  no M.


they look like...a 4dr e30.  no flares.




That's cool that they made it a 4 door- like the e46 ZHP.  Thanks for the link.

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