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Diff bearing / rebuild kit

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Hi all, i'm finding it pretty difficult to work out the correct rebuild kit for my diff (bearings, seals etc) - can anyone what OTS kit is the correct one?

Images attached - it is a 1971 02.






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Try this post I put up when I did mine a couple of months back - good advice all around. This assumes that your diff isn't toast and you are looking for a refresh-style rebuild



Toby and others said something in that thread that stood out ... if you aren't seeing any leaks from the main front seal, leave it. It requires a bit of finesse to reinstall and set up with a new crush washer, etc. and after you've taken the diff/rear suspension out, it isn't such a burden (as I discovered as this was my first diff removal) if the front seal starts dribbling in the future and you need to go back in.


So if you also leave the bearings alone for each of the driveshafts - after visual inspection - you are left with needing two rotary seals for the driveshaft flanges and a big O-ring for where the driveshaft flanges bolt to the side of the diff case. Plus the diff's rear cover gasket.


The rotary seals are available at any good bearing and seal place - if yours is a standard diff, they are a 38mm x 54mm x 10mm seal.


The O-rings I got in from either Walloth and Nesch or Pelican - can't recall to be honest. I tried BMW here in Oz and they wanted a million dollars and a three week wait. 


Part Number for O-ring (x2) - 33 1 13 604 119

Part Number for Cover gasket - 33 1 13 604 117


Hope that helps. Here's mine just before I put the cover back on - if you're inclined, they come up a treat after a few cans of degreaser, gallons of water and then a good paint up.






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