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5 Speed Transmission Upgrade & Driveshaft Issues

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I'm in the middle of completing the standard Getrag 245, 5 speed transmission upgrade and have run into an issue that I wasn't able to find previously discussed on this forum. I'm hoping someone might have some direction for me moving forward, or some experience with this issue themselves and a possible solution.


The problem I have encountered is this. I own an early model 1969 2002, manufactured in June of 1968. I have swapped out my 4 speed transmission and currently have the 5 speed Getrag 245 installed. I knew I would need a different driveshaft, and have checked locally (Edmonton, Canada) with no luck at finding anyone that can make me something. I contacted Blunt Tech and provided them with the measurements to have one made up, but Steve at Blunt indicated the makers of his driveshaft's don't have the blue prints to make something equipped with a long nose differential. I also spoke with Ireland Engineering but haven't heard anything back from them, they seemed slightly put off by the idea of making something with a long nose as well. I did some more research and discovered if I swapped the rear subframe I could install a short nose differential, but where my concern lies is the measurements for the center support bearing on the early cars with long nose differentials seems to be significantly different than the later short nose models. I don't really want to do all this to later find out I can't have a driveshaft made given the location of the center support bearing. 


Again I'm hoping someone might have some experience with the 5 speed transmission swap involving an early model 2002 with long nose differential. If they might be able to direct me to a place which made them a driveshaft, discuss what their experience was swapping the rear subframe, or anything else that might be relevant it would be very much appreciated. I'm leaning a bit more towards the subframe swap as well given the fact if the current long nose differential bites the bullet I'll have a tough time making repairs or finding a replacement anyway.


Thanks again,






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2 hours ago, jireland2002 said:

We can shorten it.  No Problem.  We will need your driveshaft. 


Atta Boy Jeff !! That’s the Sprit ! 

Your The Man.

eventually I’ll be contacting you myself 

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+1 to IE....Jeff
I was about to say the same thing.. all anyone needs is your original driveshaft to be able to shorten it to the specified length for the 5 speed.

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IE did mine and it's p u r r f e c t !

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