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Size of Ansa exhaust tips?

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I need a muffler for my 2002, and have always wanted this Ansa system with the dual tips.






When we did the bodywork and paint on the car, we made a cutout in the middle of the rear panel for a dual exhaust, but I don't know if it's big enough for the Ansa exhaust


So can someone please measure your tips and let me know what the size is so I don't waste money buying this and having it not fit?



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52 minutes ago, Tlambert said:

I have that muffler, no cut out needed.

+1.  I had an Ansa rear muffler on my 69 some years ago; they're designed to clear the rear valence panel without having to cut it.  


A caveat:  I enjoyed the nice growl that the Ansa provided while driving around town--then I took a two + hour Interstate drive--the noise and drone was really intrusive.  Not too long afterwards I swapped the Ansa out for a stock muffler--it helped that the Ansa was starting to rust out and I had only paid $10 for it at a junkyard several years before...





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Thanks for the replies.


I'm planning on modifying the mounts and piping so it goes in the cutout, I'm just wondering if it would look awkward if the pipes are too large

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Each pipe diameter is ~2 3/8". The width of the cutout at the bottom was widened to ~6 1/2". Its still mounted with the stock Ansa exhaust mount. With some mods, it could come up a bit.




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