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Looking for a Behr AC guru in the PNW.

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First off I would like to give Boyd Moterwerks the largest shout out ever. Excellent shop, knows 2002's really well. Have been instrumental in the recovery from one of the worlds worst restorations ever. Part of the revamp included an AC overhaul. Even after Boyd's excellent handiwork, the console still doesn't sit perfectly straight but not a critical issue.

But more of my concern is the residual  bodged plumbing and wiring work of the prior charlatans. Eric at Boyd's had to do some real detective work to figure out and fix what they did wrong and it works, but still blows a bit warmer than the old R12 unit.

I will try and summarize without turning this into a novel. 

One issue: IE Radiator is too big. Mechanical fan removed and the Bodge boys decided that the small fan I purchased for the AC condenser would do the work of both.......?. So it is hooked to a thermostat. they also could not figure out the wiring for the Behr switch that turns off the heater when the AC is turned on. It also was working perfectly when I dropped the car off. But now that part is impossible to find. 

So the "Fix"  was to add a stupid toggle switch that looks like it belongs in a a B17 bomber to turn on the condenser fan if I needed it for cooling things down (car and ac?)  and trashed the original console.  But now driving it for a bit, it seems like the switch may turn on the condenser fan and the Sanden clone AC compressor...  I get a drop in idle when I hit that switch like the compressor has kicked in. 


So bottom line: I need someone that knows the Behr AC setup well enough to make this right. (if possible) 


Any referral would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you. 

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