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Price: $25000
Location: Gig Harbor WA

I would like to post my 1976 2002.  Here are the upgrades I have made:


  • Metric Mechanic 2200 Rally Engine
  • Lightened Flywheel by Metric Mechanic
  • Windage and Scraper Bar by Metric Mechanic
  • 228mm HD Clutch
  • Ronel 15” Wheels, Powder Coated silver then 3 coats of clear powder coat
  • BF Goodrich 195-50-R15-82V Tires, less than 2000 miles
  • Aardvark big brake disk kit for rear brakes
  • Big Brake disk brakes in the front
  • Stainless Steel brakes lines
  • Ireland Engineering front and rear sway bars
  • Custom front and rear upper sway bars
  • MSD Ignition System
  • Pertronics Electronic Ignition
  • High Energy Coil
  • Euro Front Turn Signals
  • Powder Coated Valve Cover, same color as wheels, 3 coats of clear powder coat
  • Dyna Mat under back seat for sound deadening
  • Custom Stainless Filler Panel in Engine Compartment
  • Custom Stainless Instrument Panel Bezel Surround
  • Custom Stainless Console
  • Customer Stainless Hat Shelf
  • Custom Stainless trunk Mounted Battery Box
  • Rear mounted Dry Cell Battery
  • Custom Fuel Injection System
  • TWM 45mm Side Draft Throttle Bodies
  • Haltech ECM
  • Custom Tuned by Gary Espeland of Boyd Motor Werks, Portland Oregon
  • Custom interior Upholstering on front Recaro and rear seat, front seats have inflatable lumbar supports
  • New Coco Matts
  • Stereo System
  • Paint is from 2000 and looks good from 5 feet but has some flaws, M3 Silver and Blue
  • Electric Fan
  • 320i radiator with blue silicone hoses
  • Springs are cut to lower
  • 5 Speed Transmission
  • Ireland Ceramic Coated Header
  • 2” Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust
The car was built by Gary Espeland in Portland Oregon, we were partners at Boyd Motor Werks.  The car is VERY Fast and quick.  The fuel injection offers incredible performance and fuel economy that is close to 30 miles per gallon at freeway speeds and easy driving.  The Metric Mechanic motor is fantastic!
Any questions can be answered by Gary or I.  I am asking $25,000.

Hood Filler.jpg

IMG_6652 (1).JPG

IMG_6654 (1).JPG

IMG_6661 (1).JPG

IMG_6664 (1).JPG

IMG_6671 (1).JPG

IMG_6672 (1).JPG

IMG_6674 (1).JPG

IMG_6675 (1).JPG

IMG_6677 (1).JPG

IMG_6678 (1).JPG

IMG_6679 (1).JPG

IMG_6680 (1).JPG

IMG_6681 (1).JPG

IMG_6682 (1).JPG

IMG_6715 (1).JPG

IMG_6719 (1).JPG

IMG_6721 (1).JPG

IMG_6722 (1).JPG

IMG_6723 (1).JPG

IMG_6724 (1).JPG

IMG_6726 (1).JPG

IMG_6727 (1).JPG

IMG_6732 (1).JPG

IMG_6735 (1).JPG

IMG_6737 (1).JPG

IMG_6739 (1).JPG

IMG_6741 (1).JPG

IMG_6749 (2).JPG


IMG_6751 (2).JPG

IMG_6753 (2).JPG

IMG_6755 (1).JPG

IMG_6762 (1).JPG

IMG_6788 (1).JPG

IMG_6792 (1).JPG

IMG_6795 (2).JPG

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Well this was a car my son chose to restore when he was in college. Once done with school he was done with the car. Instead of letting it go I decided to keep it and play a little with it. You see the end result. It is a excellent driver but I have decided to retire in Mexico and I need to sell it. That said what do you think it could be sold for?  Thanks for the input. Doug

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  • Doug Slye changed the title to Highly Modified 76 2002 Price reduced to $19000
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