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Let's do another NYC meetup this September!

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Hi all,


I think we all agree that last year's 2002 meetup at Singlecut Beersmiths was a great time.

I spoke with Rich and he'd love to host us again on a Sunday this September.


There's five Sundays in September, so I figured we do a little poll to find the one that works best for most.

Please check it out and enter your preferences. Ideally you all select as many Sundays as would work for you.




Let's do it! :)



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Didn't get to meet everyone.
Didn't get any donuts.
Didn't get any coffee.
Didn't get to bring my 02.
Did get to see some awesome cars.
Did get to expand my community and meet some great people.
Once a year doesn't seem like enough.
Good times!
Hopefully next time u can bring your car!

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