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‘68, 1600 in Phoenix

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1 hour ago, autokunst said:

Seems there is enough "non-original" about this car that a PPI would be imperative - especially at the asking price. 




Rear sidemarkers suggest a 1969 model, but front sidemarkers are not present, so perhaps the rears were added — that would be odd. More likely, fronts were stripped because they were reflectors and rears were retained because they were lights. Maybe it’s an early 1969 manufactured in very late 1968? Steering wheel hub is distinctively “1968 style” but I honestly don’t know if those were phased out in September 1968, with the introduction of the 1969 model — it might have been a more typical “gradual” phase out. A VIN would help figure out what model year this car is!


I’m guessing originally Sahara, based on seller’s reference to beige. Front seats are 1975-76, as seller alluded to. Door cards are Tobacco round taillight examples, so maybe they’re original, or maybe not (I believe Tobacco replaced Chocolate Brown early in the 1968 calendar year, since I’ve seen very early — March 1968 — 2002’s with factory Chocolate Brown interiors).


If truly rust free, fabulous, but an ambitious price, nonetheless, for a mediocrely-repainted 1600-2 with non-matching front seats.


Attached: March 1968 U.S.-market 1600 sales brochure. Check out those new-for-‘68 safety features! ?










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That looks like the car owned by the proprietors of fourtilfour in Old town Scottsdale. Last I saw it, it was fairly clean, but I think they're still stuck in the world of Porsche values to ask that much dough. 


They just drove a 912 from Peking to Paris. Maybe they're selling this to pay their bills from that trip. 

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